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Nov 6, 2010 03:13 PM

I need a good restaurant for birthday dinner by disneyland or coast...


we'll be at disneyland on friday, november 19 but want to go to a nice restaurant that evening. we're thinking either close to disneyland or on the coast somewhere (newport beach area?).

she like filet and I like seafood, but looking for anything that has good food.


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    1. re: rickym13

      2nd this & sit @ the Chef's Counter.

    2. Mastro's Ocean Club, if you are inclined toward the Coast.

      Mastro's Ocean Club - Newport Beach
      8112 East Coast Hwy., Newport Beach, CA 92651

      1. In Yorba Linda, there is a wonderful, intimate restaurant called The Wild Artichoke. The food is magnificent.
        Napa Rose in the Grand Californian Hotel as previously suggested, is excellent.
        Catal in downtown Disney is good for beef
        If you like Vietnamese food, Xanh Bistro in Fountain Valley is wonderful. It was recently voted Best Vietnamese Restaurant by OC Weekly and has other distinctions.
        If you are going to be at Disneyland for breakfast, be sure to go to Goofy's Kitchen. It is a pretty good buffet with Disney characters walking around and coming to your table.

        Napa Rose Restaurant
        1600 S Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802

        Xanh Bistro
        16161 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

        Goofy's Kitchen
        1150 W Magic Way, Anaheim, CA 92802

        The Wild Artichoke
        4973 Yorba Ranch Rd Ste A, Yorba Linda, CA 92887

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        1. re: angelini17

          We just had a great meal at Catal's in Downtown Disney, it's a little less expensive than Napa Rose and very good. We also enjoyed a fantastic lunch at 230 Forest in nearby Laguna Beach. French 75 is offering $10 entrees, Filet Mignon is on their menu, you may want to check them out. Laguna Beach is a foodie's heaven, Sapphire is also fantastic. Hush, Claes @ the Hotel Laguna, Sundried Tomato Cafe and all of the restaurants at The Montage Resort are awesome. We had breakfast at The Loft @ The Montage yesterday, the views and service there are spectacular, a true "wow" factor. Enjoy your time in Southern CA! :)

          Napa Rose Restaurant
          1600 S Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802

          Sundried Tomato Cafe
          31781 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

          1. re: angelini17

            I will be the voice of dissent for Napa Rose. I found it OK, but the crowd is typical Disney. Others here recommend the chef's counter, and you may get a lovely experience there, but the main dining room is filled with Disney tourists, kids in tow, and not the relaxing environment I would pick for that kind of money.

            You do realize that getting from Disney to the coast on Friday evening is either going to cut your day at the House of Mouse off early, or you are in for a very late dinner.

            If you do make the drive, Mastro's is supposed to be excellent, but I have not been. I like 230 Forest and Tabu in Laguna Beach, both are excellent, Tabu is better and more expensive. In the same family as 230 Forest is Opah, easier to get to in Irvine, and less expensive. Pinot Provence in Costa Mesa is also good.

            Getting away from the resorts, there are some supposedly excellent places in Anaheim, like the White House and Mr. Stox, but I can not speak to either of them from personal experience.

            230 Forest Avenue Restaurant
            230 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

            Anaheim White House
            887 South Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805

            OPAH Restaurant & Bar @ The Marketplace in Irvine
            13122 Jamboree Road, Irvine, CA 92602

            Tabu Grill
            2892 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

            Pinot Provence Restaurant
            686 Anton Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA 92626

            Mr. Stox
            1105 East Katella Ave., Anaheim, CA 92805

            1. re: ocshooter

              +1 for everything oc says, especially re: Napa Rose. I may give it another chance, but there are too many other great options for me to spend another $350 there anytime soon.

              Napa Rose Restaurant
              1600 S Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802

          2. hello, thanks for ALL the great responses!

            since we'll be at disneyland AND staying at the grand californian, we decided to keep it local and try out napa rose. that way, we don't have to leave the park early, we'll go to our room and change, and have a nice relaxing evening and not have to worry about driving.

            since it is my wife's birthday and do want to make it special... I did reserve the chefs counter to make it more of a memorable night.

            sooo... any recommendations for the chef counter?

            also, we'll have saturday to spend some time for lunch in the newport / laguna beach areas... so any recommendations for eating on the water (or with a view) would greatly be appreciated.

            thanks again!

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            1. re: shastashark

              I thought the thing to do at the chef's counter was to do the prixe fixe menu.

              1. re: shastashark

                For lunch in Newport/Laguna, Las Brisas is always a decent choice. It has a great view and the food is pretty good. The Beachcomber has an even better view, it is literally on the beach, but the food is a little overpriced and nothing special. Not bad, just not all that great. But the location can make up for it, especially on a nice day. Cocktails at the rooftop bar at the same hotel as K'ya is very pleasant as well.

                1. re: shastashark

                  Here's my experience:
         | Review: Napa Rose, Anaheim

                  Napa Rose Restaurant
                  1600 S Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802