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Nov 6, 2010 03:12 PM

First & Hope Must Tries

Headed to First & Hope for the first time this weekend before a show. Any recommendations on Must Tries? Also, read here on the boards about some less than stellar evenings and perhaps a change in chef. Is this the case? Should we be headed elsewhere?

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  1. I hate to bad-mouth a restaurant that's obviously trying hard (I mean, what have I done with my day, exactly?), but to me, this place just misses whatever it's aiming for. Four of us went a few weeks ago, and it was kind of a visual assault - the slowly pulsing, colored lights (think of multi-colored black-lights), the sexy-trekkie uniforms of the waitstaff who weren't all that helpful. I remember lots of deep-fried things, confusion over portions (some dishes big, some small, relicts of menus past), and absolutely nothing remarkable.

    Mac and cheese - flavorless (how could this happen??), way too many pea tendrils on one dish (endless crunching). I think one of us had something like a chorizo burger (which to me, sums it up - overkill in the flavor dept.). Everything has cutesy names, which I think maybe some sort of meta-snark, like poking fun of menus with cutesy names?? Anyway, maybe it's a matter of taking comfort food too far or something. (And, I'm sure this isn't what you're asking.)

    That said, don't head somewhere else, just give it a go and see for yourself. It's a unique restaurant, a bit confused, to be sure, but maybe it will get on track. Or, maybe will close down soon; all the more reason. Anyway, the drinks were really creative. Have a drink!