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Nov 6, 2010 02:38 PM

New Restaurant next to DMK Burger Bar?

In the last week or so, they have painted the empty building attached to DMK Burger Bar blue and now there is a painting of a fish on the side. Perhaps it will be a seafood restaurant? Anybody have any info? It's at the corner of Sheffield and Wellington in Lakeview.

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  1. Update: After some extensive research, it appears that a liquor license was applied for at that address under the name Fishbar. Looks like Michael Kornick and David Morton are ready to cook us up some fish!

    1. It doesn't appear that anyone has reviewed this yet, so I thought I'd add a post. I've been to DMK's new restaurant Fish Bar several times (an embarrassing amount, actually). To me, it's another example of Chicago dining at it's best: awesome food, moderate prices, with a great atmosphere.

      Fish Bar is extremely small, so expect long waits (2 hours on a Friday evening.) The bar makes decent drinks and has a pretty good beer selection (served in mason jars!) which helps pass the time. Most of the seating is at the wrap around bar, so it's perfect for parties of 2-3. There are exactly 3 tables for 4 people.

      The food is awesome. I've had several of the items on the menu but by far my favorite is the lobster roll, which is out of this world. I also really enjoy the grilled calamari, which is served with a great lemon/olive oil/pepper marinade.

      Price-wise, I usually spend between $30-$40 on a main, a side, and a few drinks.

      The decor is casual, with a cape cod feel. Service is fast (once you are seated) and very friendly.