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Nov 6, 2010 02:15 PM

new: BBQ ribs at market/PBG

Just went to see the new market (sweet greens) at the "Midtown" on PGA and bought some of their freshly made ribs...first time I was able to actually taste the succulent pork meat on the bone rather than the tasteless cooked -out meats served at the other noted rib places we reported on...await your of the place just so so....Bakery doesn't rival Toojays, Prices more than C&D a little less than Joseph's

2240 NW 19th St Ste 700, Boca Raton, FL 33431

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  1. Sweet Greens has some pretty good prices for produce and seafood. Bakery and deli counter have too few options at this time. Hopefully they will add more items as business picks up. Whole pompano was 9.99/lb and black grouper was around 14/lb. Whole pulled basil plants were only 1.59.

    Slingbelly's BBQ was pretty good. They will let you sample whatever you want. Brisket, pork, and ribs were all cooked right. They all have a very minimal smoke flavor though, which is on par for most BBQ to be found in SoFla. The pork 10.99/lb was so moist that I had to take some home. Their pork butts looked great and the juice flowed when they starting pulling them. Ribs are sold by the pound only and I also got 1lb of St. Louis cuts. But they didn't trim the tips off, which is what St. Louis cut ribs really are. Sandwiches are 5.99. They also have baby back ribs, rib tips, and turkey with possibly a few more options. Meats looked beautiful coming out to be cut. They do use a rub but more of it would be nice and of course, more smoke flavor please.

    Sauces are in need of work here. Honey chipotle has way too much honey and not much chipotle flavor. The sweetness just makes it inedible on any BBQ. Their hot sauce is exactly that, all wing hot sauce flavor from your standard bottled variety with no personality of BBQ sauce. They have a brown sauce which is their original that is good. But the Carolina mustard was the best of the four.

    The young guys working the counter are really helpful and explained their smoking process. They even took me in the back and showed me their 'in wall mount' smoker and how it works. All meat is kept in their warmer oven right at the counter and it is cut to serve. The Sweet Greens/Slingbelly affiliation came about from the owners knowing each other, I was told.

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      I finally got a chance to try the bbq here as well. I couldn't believe how moist the pulled pork was. Unfortunately, like you mentioned, it lacked smoke flavor and the rub just seemed to lack flavor. I only tried two sauces and I thought they were both good - the carolina mustard and another smokey bbq sauce that had a slight kick to it. I also tried the brisket point, which I wasn't at all impressed with. You could see the smoke ring, but there was no smoke taste at all. Again, the rub added nothing. It was also moist and juicy, but there just wasn't much flavor there. Overall, I'd get the pulled pork again, and I plan to try the flat brisket and ribs still. I liked the two sauces, but I wish they would kick up their rub and smoke factor and it'd be some really good bbq.

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        The pulled pork from last night was a bit better as far as the smoke factor goes. They were sold out of baby backs and brisket at 6pm. Smoke penetrates pork much easier than beef but the brisket is fairly flat anyway. The rub flavor is very minimal, as you said. Ribs priced by the pound are overpriced. They need to sell half and whole slabs in the 12/20 range.

    2. The Swingbelly affiliation has been removed from the Sweet Green Market's website. Swingbelly's site no longer lists PBG as a location. From my last visit in the market, I don't remember seeing the Swingbelly name. But the smoker and smoked meats are still available.

      1. Sweet Greens Market has closed.