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Nov 6, 2010 02:12 PM

Filipino food by the shore

I recently moved down by the shore, Long Branch specifically. I was wondering if anyone knew of any Filipino restaurants/bbqs/buffets in the area? I've scoured the internet, this board, yelp, and I've found nothing (with the exception of bistro san miguel which closed earlier this year). However, a lot of the places I've been to in other areas of Jersey haven't been well advertised either, so it seems like I can only find these places by word of mouth. Please tell me there's some Filipino cuisine somewhere around, I am going through home food withdrawal! I can make a few Filipino dishes, but a single person living by themselves just doesn't make lechon, bbq pork skewers, and lumpia rolls for just herself.

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  1. They don't advertise it (except on their business cards) but the owners of Gourmet Barbecue in Monmouth Beach are Filipino. They do excellent babyback ribs and beef kebabs but other than the rice & kebabs there are no Filipino dishes on the regular menu. The owner said she will do Filipino food by special order & had a menu of Filipino dishes but had run out of the menus. She says she is working on some new Filipino menus, but I have been bugging her about it for a month now and have not seen them yet.

    One time her chef had just finished a huge order of Lechon (Filipino roast pork) and gave me a sample. Wowee! Mahogany brown crispy skin over moist flavorful roast pork...

    You may want to contact them and inquire about getting some Pinoy cooking. She told me she is worried that most Americans wouldn't "get it" and wants to get a larger regular customer base before springing any ethnic surprises...

    Pic: Front & Back of Gourmet BBQ business card & takeout ribs & kebab:

    Gourmet Barbecue
    36 Beach Rd., Monmouth Beach, NJ

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      Hey Mark,

      Hopefully some day she will have lumpia on the menu...

    2. I haven't been in a while but there's a Flip restaurant/buffet in the Seoul Market plaza in Eatontown, it's right by the Wendy's there on Rt. 35.

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        That's the Tower Market Plaza, & the Filipino market has been gone for a good while now.

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          That's a shame...that spot is quickly turning into a restaurant serial killer..

      2. That place on 35 was given a great review by Andrea Clurfield in the APP a few years ago, and it was truly wonderful. That said, I guess Filipino isn't that popular in these parts, thus their passing. Interesting about Groumet BBQ. Keep us posted.

        1. There is this place, I haven't been there, but a few family members have. Some are Filipino also, gave it rave reviews.

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            Unfortunately if you follow the thread through, this placed also is closed. Ironically the last post in that thread mentions the place in Eatontown cited above...

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              I just passed it a little while ago, never realized it was closed. Just one more place I won't get to try.

          2. The original comment has been removed