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Nov 6, 2010 02:00 PM

Karma Lounge/Ossining

Haven't seen any info on this restaurant here. I went there Thurs night to celebrate 2 birthdays. I thought it was outstanding. Very nice martini,The Hollywood tini, and I thought the small plates, it's tapas ,was unique and fresh. We had 7 dishes and 2 desserts The mussels with chorizo, shrimp casserole with fava beans, coconut shrimp, chicken wings in a soy teriyaki glaze, salmon forgot with what, and flank steak with great fries. Every diah was served with a little something else on the plate. The flavors and freshness were terrific. We ate every last morsel. For dessert we had pineaple bread pudding, with a caramel drizzle, again excellent and a chocolate something. I just thought I would post it here as I haven't heard much about it. Plus there are coupons on and coupon cabin for it. There prices were reasonable. It's something new in the area and something different.

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  1. Thanks for trying it out... we'd peeked inside one evening, and it seemed completely empty, so we went elsewhere. Will give it try!

    1. Having lived in Ossining all of my life, I was super excited to try this place. It seemed like just the type of place that Ossining needed, a nice place to lounge and chat with friends. Having said that, I was extremely dissapointed after doing just that, going there for a girls night. Our service at the bar was ok, but after moving to their lounge area it went straight down hill. The waitress NEVER came to our table, even to clean up our drinks. We had to get up and go to the bar and get our own. Then a "band" set up and the music was so loud, we couldn't hear each other talking. The atmosphere after that was not at all inviting. The staff ignored us and was clearly catering to a specific type of clientel that we didn't fit. It was clear that they didn't want us there, and after spending a considerable amout of money on drinks that we had to get ourselves, we left utterly disapointed. I think their customer service needs a huge overhaul if they expect to stay in business for any considerable amout of time, considering that it was a Friday night and practically empty. No excuse for their treatment of paying customers. I will never go back and know many people that would have tried it had my experience been good. But since it wasn't, it seems Karma will loose out on lots of business.

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        Hi Elb53103

        I'm curious as to just what "clearly catering to a specific type of clientel that we didn't fit. It was clear that they didn't want us there" means. How would you describe the type of customer that the establishment is interested in retaining.

        Thanks You.

        1. re: Pinnacle

          Hi. I'm the original poster from way back. I have been there several times with different groups of friends and family. We all love it there. We think the food is special, different and so flavorful. I love the martini list also. The service may not be stellar but it's good. I wish more people would go there to keep it open. I'nm not sure what the previous poster meant as far as clientele. I've told numerous people about this place. I would urge elb53103 to try it again because you would be losing out on a good dining experience.

          1. re: Laurieso

            Thank you for your advice, but I will not be returning, nor will any of the people I was there with. We didn't even get to try the supposedly delicious food, since the service was so below par. I have read many other posts on other websites, and more than a few of them have also had very poor experiences there. I would love to be able to say that it was great, Ossining is in dire need of a sophisticated night life, but if they keep treating their patrons the way they do, I don't think they have much of a chance.

            As far as my comment on clientel, I am referring to the type that wants to be able to go out to a bar and have a conversation without the music being so offensivly LOUD.

            The bottom line is, I was treated poorly there, and that is never acceptable to me when I spend money in an establishment that clearly is struggling and needs the patronage. They really need to up their customer service skills. The food may be great, if your lucky enought to actually try it, but a little bit of gratitude and hospitality go far further.

            1. re: elb53103

              below par??

              thats is the biggest understatement of the new year.I went there four months
              ago and im still shaking my head over how bad the service was.To be fair the owner offered us a 25 dollar coupon to use in the future.I offered him 50 dollars if i never have to go there again.In addition ill state what the other posters only implied
              theres no way they are there to make a living off the restaurant this place is a front for something else

              1. re: ronhall51

                Thank you ronhall51 for confirming that I am not crazy for disliking this place so much! Again, if they want this place to survive, some things have got to change!

                1. re: elb53103

                  I'm sorry but I so strongly disagree. I want to keep this place in business. I hope others give it a try and make up your own minds.

                  1. re: Laurieso

                    I will have to agree with laurieso. I love Karma. And so do my friends. We go there often. One thing to remember is that on Friday and Saturay night, after 11pm, there is some sort of live entertainment. (band, dj, comedy show, etc). So please keep that in mind if you are looking for a quiet place to talk. I believe there service over the past few months has improved alot. The food is incredible. The martinis are great too. We are all looking forward to the nicer weather and the patio being opened. This is a new restaurant and they are working out the kinks. But wait and see this place is going to be the hot spot. They were also written up by the Wesetchester Magazine, Journal and the NY Times. As you, laurieso, I will keep returning.