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Nov 6, 2010 01:38 PM

Strong Place

Any reviews? This place has been around for a few months now. Considering trying it but I'd like to hear more. Thanks.

Strong Place
270 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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  1. Wasn't too impressed. Nice selection of beers and they were good about giving you tastes before ordering. Just sampled a few food items. Most are tapas sized. Had the clams and brats in a beer broth. Broth didn't have much flavor except for pepper flakes and the clams and brats were meh. My wife had the fried oyster po boy, which tasted mostly of breading and little oyster. Certainly not a broad sampling to be sure, so maybe other ietms would be better. I would probably stop in for a beer if I were in the neighborhood, but not as a food destination.

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    1. re: jdf

      Trying to decide between SP and didn't really sell me on SP, though the menu does look interesting.

      Anyone else want to help me decide?

      1. re: robotcoupe

        We were there last week. We liked it a lot--the plates are sort of mid-sized, I would not call them tapas but not full entree size either. We were in a seafood mood so had the shrimp cocktail (four humongous head-on shrimp) and the beet and feta salad (which was plenty large to share.) For mains we had the skate and the scallops w/tasso. That was the one smaller dish--only two scallops which was disappointing, but they were delicious--as was the tasso. We weren't super starving so the portion sizes were ok. We really liked everything. Regretted not ordering the waffle fries--they looked great. Next time.

        We also appreciated the fact that they had quite a nice, reasonably prized wine list--I know they are well known for their beer list but we are more wine drinkers than beer, and a lot of the "gastro-pubs" really have a puny, and often uninteresting, wine selection. Not so here!

        The ambiance is nice and the music was great too. It may not be a destination place, but we'll definitely go back--I want to try the meat side of the menu (the duck confit, the brisket, both sounded yummy.)

        1. re: jinx

          If you're deciding between Brucie and SP, I would absolutely recommend Brucie. I went to SP with a group of 4 others and found the Snacks to be very enjoyable, and the mains to be all sub-par and oversalted. I had the oyster po boy, which as mentioned above, is more like a poor excuse for a po boy. Others had the scallops (fine), skate (very bad) and brisket (I don't eat beef so I can't comment). The service was not very good and I left hungry despite eating 2 'mains'. Wife & I do not plan to return.

          1. re: fishermb

            We ended up at Brucie and loved it! Had the "market caesar" which was really arugula, roasted squash, roasted onions and fried chickpeas with a caesar-like dressing. Also the burratta app with eggplanta caponata. Both were awesome. For mains, my husband had ribs I had a delicious seafood stew -- little spicy, tomatoey, and with all the fish and shellfish perfectly cooked! Dessert was okay - they only had 2 things - we got a chcocolate brown butter tart. The bb crust was great but the tart itself had almond extract and I am not a fan of the stuff. Super friendly staff and great service. All told, an excellent addition to the neighborhood. Can't wait til they open for lunch!

    2. I was just there last night with two friends. I was really looking forward to it since Boca Lupo is one of my favorite restaurants. I must say I was very disappointed. I had the oyster sandwich and as mentioned below, I could hardly taste the oysters, all I could taste was the very bland "breading" around the oysters. We also ordered the beet and feta tartare which was pretty bland and just mediocre and the potato and cheese cakes which again were bland and dry. How can you go wrong with potatoes and cheese?! My other friend had a lamb burger which she said was good. I am sure the owner can do a little review of his menu. He knows the business very well and his other two places are amazing. Hopefully he can do something to improve the menu. It is such a nice space it would be a pity to see it close. Last night though it was half empty at 8:30, restaurant rush hour. I would say, stick to Boca Lupo. The service was good though.

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        We were back there this Friday evening and it was totally full at around 7:30--although not packed in the front, and it didn't seem like folks were waiting. We've been several times now and its one of our favorites. Enjoyed everything we've sampled--especially like the scallop dish (which I had again this time) and the duck confit. Still haven't tried all the things we want to--need to try the lamb burger and the brisket dish. Just find the place really comfortable, the music is always great, and the dishes are creative and well prepared and reasonably priced. Service is always excellent too. And, as I noted above, one of the few "gastropubs" with a decent and decently priced wine list. I guess its all in your expectations--its not a place for a fine dinner out, more of a neighborhood spot for a casual meal.

      2. I've been here about half a dozen times with my wife and we both love it. I've never seen the place packed, so maybe business isn't doing so well. I think a website would really help drive traffic. The dishes are thoughtful, good quality, well priced, vegetarian friendly (big plus for the wife) and different than the same crap you see everywhere ("modern soul food", butternut squash everything, minimal italian/tapas). The service is above average and I find it a very refreshing addition to the neighborhood. I hope it sticks around for a long time.

        1. We like this place lots, and often stop in for a late dinner on Friday nights. It's usually packed -- humming with a good buzz. We wait for about 20 mins or so and enjoy a drink at the bar. As others have mentioned, the beer selection is tremendous and the wine selection is electic and good, with plenty of options by the glass.

          For the food, not everything is a hit, but we have enjoyed the head on shrimp cocktail (which are truly enormous), the lamb burger and the skate with green curry sauce. Also, their recent lobster roll special was truly a standout -- we ordered one and enjoyed it so much we got another. The meat was perfectly prepared and seasoned nicely. no mayo, served slightly warm on a garlic buttered roll. Pure perfection. I hope they have it on special the next time we stop in. As mentioned, not all of the food options are hits, but it's a great neighborhood place with a friendly, warm buzz.

          1. I guess I haven't been to Strong Place in a long time. Maybe 2 years in october. Last time I was there, it was packed and filled with tables of folks ordering the Seafood Plateaus. It was much more of a fish centered restaurant back then,

            Fast forward a couple of years and Strong Place still has a pretty wonderful selection of beers on tap. Like many beers and many good beers. They have ditched the seafood, well, the Plateaus for sure and have gone more of a Gastropub route..

            Last night we had just a couple of offerings and they were delicious. We started with the boiled peanuts. They tasted like a crab boil or cajun seafood boil might taste like before the fish are introduced.. There is cayenne and various spices that remind me of definitely something Southern. Served in little glass jars, it could not be cuter.. More importantly, these things are addictive. I stopped myself from ordering a second.

            Next up we ordered their pickle plate. I think we order a pickle plate wherever we go. This was really interesting as they added a fried pickle component. Totally broke up the dish and made it come alive. It was a really smart twist. They plate was huge with an array of different offerings. A great value.. I really loved the tarragon pickled onions, the carrots, well, everything was nice.

            We then ordered a plate of oysters. I think they had 7 different kinds to choose from. 32 dollars per dozen, or like 2.67 a piece. (not a bargain) Lots of offerings from New Brunswick. I still am not a fan of the condiments they serve with their oysters. Their cocktail sauce is pretty bad. I am guessing they use their homemade ketchup in the cocktail sauce. It's a little too doctored up and has a weird after taste. The shucking could have been better too. Some were still attached to the bottom shell.

            Bartender was super nice. I would go back and try more things but, first and foremost, I would return for the beer selection alone.

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            1. re: Daniel76

              I haven't been in a solid 2 or so years as well and remember being underwhelmed with the dishes we had. What does the actual menu for main courses look like now? You just mentioned peanuts, pickes and oysters...

              1. re: fishermb

                Yeh, well, I was there for the beer, I stayed for the peanuts.. I didn't look to far into the menu. I remember their being a pasta dish I was thinking of getting. It was a zucchini blossom stuffed pasta with zucchini around the plate. There was a lamb burger, a fried clam sandwich, a lobster taco. I was sitting at the bar so, I didn't know if I was just reading the bar menu.

              2. re: Daniel76

                My objection to Strong Place is, and always has been, their tiny portions. All of their draft offerings are served in 12 oz glasses at full pint prices, whether the ABV warrants it or not. Their wine pours are consistently short. And their food portions are only slightly larger than tapas dishes at nearly full entree prices.

                It's not that I'm a cheapskate (well, maybe a little). it's that I end up feeling like I've overpaid by about 50% every time I leave SP. A place like Colonie can get away with that pricing scheme *because the quality warrants it.* Strong Place does not. It has always left a bad taste in my mouth (the price, not the food).

                I don't mean to trash Strong Place entirely. The service there has always been excellent. And for the most part the food is Good. But at this point I will only go there if a) someone else has chosen it, or b) there is no other option.

                1. re: egit

                  Go during Happy Hour! - Half-priced (2-for-1) craft beers and fresh, zippy $1 oysters the last time I went and it was VERY satisfying.

                  That they restrict HH to Mon.-Thurs. only is kind of weak...and I totally agree with the 12 ounce pours being unwarranted. It's like Haagen-Dasz in a glass. I've boycotted the brand since they switched to a 14-oz. "pint" a few years back. Remember that a "proper pint" is a full 20 ounces...and hard to find.

                  Strong Place has great atmosphere and a delightful backyard area. Now if they could only replace those butt-wrenching, angulated high chairs with something more comfy.

                  1. re: egit

                    I did notice the drafts were a little small. That was also after we had a drink at home, a cocktail at Clover Club and a Beer at Bar Great Harry so, I only had a couple at Strong Place.. But, those are certainly legitimate complaints. The pickle plate was actually larger than most other so, I can't comment on that.