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Nov 6, 2010 12:07 PM

Raw fermented kimchi//kimchee?

I know there are a million Korean places in LA. Where can I find some really good raw (unpasteurized) kimchi? Looking for a grocery store or takeout place more than a sit-down restaurant. Organic would be a plus. I like the usual red peppery kind, but open to all the different varieties.


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  1. I just picked up a bunch of very fresh kimchi at California Market on Western and 6th. It's packaged with the date on the label so you can get stuff that was made today or yesterday.

    1. Check out this recent topic:

      I don't know if Hannum Market sells organic kimchi but IIRC the packages are dated.

      1. Dave's Gourmet Korean Food sells at many local farmer's markets. He has organic raw kimchi as well as other foods from his restaurant (black bean tempeh, tofu, veggies, etc). I used to see him at the Hollywood market, but when I googled just now, I got this market list. Dunno which is more accurate.
        Sun - Studio City & Mar Vista
        Mon - West Hollywood
        Tues - Culver City
        Thursday - Westwood V.A. Hospital
        Fri - Venice Parking Lot

        Whole Foods also sells sells this brand. They make a raw organic kimchi, but it's less traditional than Dave's. But is a good product.