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Nov 6, 2010 12:04 PM

1955 crown royal

I recently found a 1955 half gallon of crown royal that has been well cared for and properly stored. The bottle is in mint condtion with the original bag and story book. I know whisky doesn't age further once it's in the bottle but I'm curious as to if there's any sort of market for this. Should we drink it ourselves? Advice anyone?

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  1. It's surely drinkable. In most states, resale of spirits is unlawful, though some states (NY ,I think) allow for spirits auctions carried on by a licensed auction house. That being said, I don't think there is much of a market for Canadian Whisky. If it were me, I would drink it; it would be interesting to see how it compares to the current CR.

    1. It could be the centerpiece for a fun retro party. Break out the Bobby Darin and Patsy Cline and a couple big bands - Gene Krupa.

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      1. It's probably spoiled. Just send it to me and I'll dispose of it for you.

        Seriously, way back in 1955, Crown Royal was not only sold in the traditional blue draw string bag, but back then it also had a number etched on each bottle and a certificate of authenticity with that number on it. I'm not sure exactly when they stopped doing this but I'm sure it was after 1955. Well, pretty sure anyway. *IF* yours has the etched number and certificate, it is a collector's item. As with all collectors items, the price is determined by what they buyer is willing to pay. If it were mine, I'd be checking with Christie's or other auction houses in New York to see what they think about auctioning it off. And of course, if they think it's a fantastic idea, then you might want to check into the legal issues of auctioning it off yourself on eBay and forgetting about auction house commissions... '-)

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          I would want to drink it with friends. Let's not be so mercantile!

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            Well, if it's worth $100k, OP can buy some really nice hooch to drink with friends :)

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              I dunno 'bout you, Veg old buddy, but I'd be damned pissed if I chug-a-lugged the stuff with some pals and THEN found out I could have footed the bill to take said pals and fifteen more to Paris for two weeks at the Georges V, swilling Dom Perignon by the bathtub full if I had just sold the stuff instead... But that's just me. '-)

          2. I assure you that this is NOT worth big $. Perhaps if it was a very good single malt it might be worth a few hundred dollars, but it is not. Crown Royal is NOT very fashionable right now, thus not worth much as a collectible.

            Crack it open and drink it with friends. Enjoy.

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              Crown Royal is NOT very fashionable right now

              Why not?

              1. re: fourunder

                I'm not personally responsible for booze trends...

                Many of the old brands that were fashionable in the 70s and 80s are considered passe. Hereford Cows anyone?

                If it's not small batch, single malt, artisan made blah blah blah it ain't cool.

                Though I imagine just like PBR some of those brands are just about ready for an ironic rebirth amongst the hipster crowd.

                With the trend towards distinctive flavors in whiskeys in general the old "Smooth" blends of the past run totally in counter to what is desirable now.

            2. Thanks for all your posts on the bottle. Maybe we will crack it open on Thanksgiving whether it's fashionable or not! Very recently a server frowned at the request for a crown sour and informed us, we don't have crown royal. I find this strange.

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                I didn't say it wasn't good, just not fashionable. Drink up.