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Nov 6, 2010 11:44 AM

Whole Foods-Hot Bar Recommendations


I do not have a lot of extra money to spend on food (hence, I do not usually get to shop at WHF), but nonetheless I want to check out the hot bar at Whole Foods. I would rather know what items are good so that I don't waste money on pricey salads/dishes that aren't worth it.

I enjoy pretty much all flavors and foods except I don't eat meat. I really like spicy and sweet things as well.

Please let me know what dishes are the best on the Whole Foods bar.. and maybe how it works (do I just take a box and fill it with as little/much as I want, then take it to the cashier?).

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  1. The times I have hit the hot bar at WH it is all ok - nothing really stands out - it is done by weight - you fill a box up with as much or as little as you want -

    1. The Mac n Cheese is pretty good. At our WF, they have reduced prices on Wednesday's.

      1. The food looks real good, but it is not spiced at all and normally very bland. I would not waste your money.


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          It must be the whole foods you go to - I have been to some WF where the food is very nicely seasoned -

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            Yup, it's been my experience as well. Plus, it's overpriced for what it is...

            The only thing I've ever liked was their General Tso's Chicken, which has all the elements I'm looking for, but it's definitely not as good as from your local Chinese-American place. If you're trying to satisfy a craving though...then get it if you're at or near WF already.

          2. Whole Foods is extremely customer oriented and will let you sample anything (even from the hot bar area). I would definitely try that and then you can see what you like or don't.

            1. I find it helps to get there early. I only go for lunch, and it's generally better at 11:15 than at 1:00. The quality may also vary from store to store, chef to chef. More than a year ago I had to get a refund three times, the food was so overcooked. But that hasn't been the case in several months.