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Nov 6, 2010 11:30 AM

Where can I find great French Onion Soup?

My first inclination is a French restaurant, but I wanted to check the board to see if anyone here has a favorite place (it doesn't have to be French). Just to confirm, I am talking about the lovely slightly sweet and delicate onion soup. What disappoints me most are places serving this over salted and heavy "broth" stuff (like the last time I tried it at a steak restaurant, ugh). It begged my friend and I to ask the question, where do we find great French onion soup? Thank you for your expertise!

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  1. Nizza La Bella in Albany on San Pablo Ave. has great French Onion Soup and wonderful frites with aioli. Cold bottle of Champagne and you're all set!

    Nizza La Bella
    827 San Pablo Ave, Albany, CA 94706

    1. "over salted"
      That would be the complaint of the francophile at our table the last time I ate at Liaison in Berkeley. Me. I liked it

      1. Star Box Food in Brisbane, open M-F until 2:30pm. Love their French Onion Soup and if you make the trip you must try the chocolate moelleux. They melt in your mouth.

        1. Ti Couz
          Butler and the Chef

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