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Nov 6, 2010 11:26 AM

Stainless steel cooling/baking grid?

Hello all! I am in search of something that, in my opinion, should be VERY easy to find; it is however, proving to be exceptionally difficult.

I am looking for a cooling grid (I mean grid, not a rack with uni-directional supports) that fits a half sheet pan made out of stainless steel! I don't want non-stick, I don't want chrome plated steel -- I just want stainless steel. Does anyone have a source for these? I've tried a number of different sources and have yet to come up with one, even my local restaurant supply store. What I'm not looking for here is a post of 30 people trying to talk me out of wanting a stainless steel grid, so save your typing time for searching! haha.. thanks guys, hopefully we'll come up with something!

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  1. Nordicware made the one you're looking for. I think they switched to some sort of non-stick coating on them now, though. Look for cooling rack instead of cooling grid.

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    1. re: ThreeGigs

      The difference between a rack and a grid is the direction of the wires, rack being uni-directional and a grid bing crossed wired. Nordicware makes non stick now. Most good quality racks/grids are made from stainless steel, then coated with non stick or chrome.

      The OP could also search for "wire icing grates" at restaurant supply stores or websites.

    2. My search was fruitless, the only stainless steel cooling racks, uni-directional, not the grid model you seek, is made by Paderno World Cuisine with $$$ attached. Not to discourage you, and I'm not trying to talk you out of looking, but in all my years of restaurant work, I have yet to see a non-aluminumized or non-chromed stainless steel cooling grid.

      1. Try here:

        Vollrath makes a heavy-duty wire grate for their "Super Pan 3" line. Most stores sell only a 6-pack, but check here:

        1. I saw these products at my local kitchenware shop. The Culinary Institute of America brand. it is a grid. Looks very good and the larger one (17' x 12 ') fits a jelly roll pan.

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            other than it's made of chrome plated steel, and not stainless, which was the whole point. Chrome plated grids are ubiquitous. But the OP wants, for reasons not specified, a stainless one.

            1. re: dscheidt

              Thanks. sorry I now know I miss the non-chrome part !

              This one can be non chrome but I might be wrong.


              1. re: hobbybaker

                Good detective work, hobbybaker, I couldn't find a thing. The Wasserstrom link is definitely Vollrath stainless steel, and the second link, the Vollrath half sheet pan wire grate, very well may be stainless steel as well, and prices vary, but I would definitly contact a vendor to be sure, before ordering.

                If the OP is looking for a half sheet pan sized grid, the dimensions need to be about 16 x 12, or a tad larger, as a half sheet pan measures 18 x 13.

                The other thing I find interesting is that fact that the OP states he/she has a stainless steel sheet pan; not something you see very often.

                1. re: bushwickgirl

                  Hi, thanks. all clad has SS try-ply stainless steel bakeware. Maybe OP has one of those..

                  1. re: bushwickgirl

                    If you read carefully, the OP's post is ambiguous. His 'made out of stainless steel' part of the sentence could be applied to his specifications for the wire rack _or_ the sheet pan.

                    That said, I have a tray that's 11.5 x 17 and is stainless steel. Kind of like a jelly roll pan. Picked it up at a yard sale thinking it might be interesting if I wanted to bake cookies with crispy tops and unbrowned bottoms.

                    1. re: ThreeGigs

                      Yep, in re-reading it, the OP's statement is unclear. Regardless, I thought a stainless steel sheet pan would be an odd thing to bake on, as you wrote, crispy tops and unbrowned bottoms is about what'd you get. Does your pan have a lip on it?

                      1. re: bushwickgirl

                        I have one that I bought at Bridge Kitchenware in NYC about 20 years ago. I just looked at their website and the closest thing listed is a16"x24" icing grate which might work. The material is not listed. I'd suggest contacting Bridge since they've always seemed to have everything....


                        1. re: janeh

                          Thanks for the detective work everyone! My apologies on subject inaccuracies! I was indeed referring to the cooling grid as being made from stainless steel, and not the half-sheet pans.

                        2. re: bushwickgirl

                          Yes, mine has a lip all the way around, looks kind of like a rectangular cafeteria tray.

              2. It could be that it is easier, and cheaper, to form the grid from steel, followed by welding and plating, than it is to from it from stainless steel wire. It is harder to weld stainless steel, especially if you want an unblemished appearance.