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Nov 6, 2010 09:59 AM

non stick hard anodized cookware

Hi! I would like to change some of my pots and pans. I have some questions about hard anodized. Is it all non stick? I have a Le Crueset Hard anodized fry pan and I love it. I am looking for other options that I might be able to get in a set that would be similar?

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  1. I just realized that Le Crueset does not make any pots in this line, just pans, so I definitely need another choice.

    now that I do more research perhaps I need to readjust what my needs are.

    Do I really need a non stick surface on my pots? perhaps it is time to move to a good copper bottomed pot?

    perhaps just invest in one more of the Le Crueset but in a small fry pan?

    I have been reading many mixed reviews of Scanpan, I think maybe enough to send me away!

    any help is appreciated.....

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    1. re: cleopatra999

      The most famous company for making hard anodized cookware is actually Calphalon. Scanpan cookware are nonstick cookware using Teflon/PTFE, very different from hard anodized aluminum cookware.

      People often do not need nonstick for a pot as you have suspected. A nonstick pot does make it easier to clean, but a nonstick pot is not like a nonstick frying pan, of course. Copper bottom pot also is curious as well. Copper provides good thermal distribution and faster heat response. Both characteristics are more important to a pan than to a pot. Ok, if you like to make delicate sauce in a sauce pan, then they are important, but if you are using the pot to boil water for pasta or make watery/thin soup, they are not very important.

      1. re: cleopatra999

        I got Calphalon hard anodized pans for my wedding 4 years ago and they are holding up great despite a lot of use. You definitely only need nonstick for pans, because that's when stuff sticks - when you're pan-frying. I use a small one for scrambled eggs for one or two people, and a larger one to fry fillets or other saute-type dishes.