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Nov 6, 2010 07:46 AM

Sage sauce

help! Anybody have a great recipe for a sage sauce to go with a pumpkin raviole? I am out of town without my cookbooks...

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  1. I usually throw the sage in a pan with some butter, let it brown and pour on top of the pasta. Sometimes I'll add a bit of cream and let it thicken.

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      That's what I do as well - I like the sage to get a little crispy, and then I add some julienned fresh sage right at the end.

    2. I made a sage sauce last weekend that came out even better than hoped for - and it was very much an improvised one. I had made a butterflied veal roast rolled around a sage stuffing and still had sage left over so decided to make a sauce last minute as there was not as much juice from the veal as expected. My sauce was equal parts red wine (a chianti I think) to beef stock - only a bouillon cube on hand for last minute. I reduced the liquid by half and then added the sage cut in a chiffonade and cooked for another minute or so. I poured in the juice from the roast and whisked in a bit of butter before serving. As I used a bouillon cube only added some pepper and no salt. It was loved by all.

      Good luck!

      1. brown butter and sage- I like to throw in roasted pine nuts for texture and flavor. You can't go wrong with brown butter