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Nov 6, 2010 07:09 AM

Going to NYC with unadventurous diner

I'm going into Manhattan next weekend with a good friend to see a concert and we're staying at a hotel in the Flatiron area. I'm hoping to get some good food. It would be a shame to be in NYC and not. One tricky part of all this is my buddy. He's a great guy, but he's cheap and not very adventurous. He loves Italian and "American."

I'd be trying a new restaurant that I haven't gone to yet like Marea or Alto or even some faves like Craftbar. Those are out of his budget. I'd like to avoid going to a red sauce Italian joint or some crappy sportsbar near MSG. A chain would be even worse.

I hope this is enough information to help. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions that are in the general Flatiron vicinity (we're willing to explore beyond but that's where our hotel is located) for a meal that's on the end of cheap (I'll probably be able to get him to drop 50 bucks total on dinner. If I'm lucky). I welcome suggestions for all cuisines, but we'll probably go to a "safer" choice.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Piccolo Angola on Hudson and Jane. It will be a stroll. It's a win for budget a as well as typical italian and atypical.. Godd luck. I need a reservation. It's busy place.

    1. Is that $50 total per person, or $50 total for both of you? If it's for both of you, you're talking about approx $15 of food each before taxes (nearly 9%) & tips (18%). That's sandwich territory. If he's not adventurous, then various ethnic places will be a problem. I don't know whether there's a good pizza place in the area, but the equivalent of Angelo's pizza would work very well. The nearest is at 57th bet 6th & 7th. There's one on B'way at about 52nd, but for some reason it's not as good.

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        That's 50 per person. It allows for some options, but not many. He'll branch out to some of the more common ethnic foods but not all.

      2. Just to get the ball rolling I'll throw these out there and you see if anything will work (and I'm not limiting suggestions to any neighborhood so...):


        The cost should be able to stay in the budget you mentioned, they are good solid restaurants that offer enough of a difference to "standard" stuff but not so off the beaten path (food wise) to scare your friend away whikle at the same time having some interesting stuff for you.

        299 Bowery, New York, NY 10003

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            Probably my favorite "go to" restaurant in all of NYC, though some other CHers might disagree. I highly recommend it and it does fit into your criteria.

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              I love Otto because it doesn't take too long to grab a seat at the bar, the bartenders are friendly and provide great service (table service can get iffy at times), and I find a meat plate, cheese plate, salad, vegetables, gelato meal to be satisfying when I'm in the mood.

          2. Sorry about my earlier reply, I completely spaced on the fact you were looking for Italian or American.

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              I think DBGB is probably close enough, though, if he likes sausage and such. August is Mediterranean, so close to Italian. Might that be a little above $50/person, though?