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Nov 6, 2010 06:17 AM

Foodie maps

I would love to find maps that show recommended eating establishments for Paris, Nice, Provence and in Italy - Rome, Venice and Florence. The idea is to have an effective and fast way of looking up places to eat lunch (or dinner on occasion) when touring around destinations on the days where an itinerary wasn't pre-planned, or when plans have changed. And by recommend eating establishments, I use the term loosely because its subjective. But at least a recommendation is a place to start. And if the maps had a legend or search filtering by different criteria such as price, open days and hours, eat in or take out etc that would be a bonus. And it's really lunch establishments that I'd like this for. I wont' be eating out dinner much and whenever we do, I would use a more traditional method of searching the archives here.

I know that John Talbot's blog has a blog entry filtering by Paris arrondisements which isn't a map but simply does what I'm looking for.

And I imagine most guide books provide this feature too.

But I'd love to see a blog or website that has integrated foodie lunch establishments on a map. Karen Brown's website provides this ability for accommodation.

Or I was wondering if anyone has been kind enough to have created personal google maps that are shareable.

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  1. Try

    We use this (free) site on an iPhone to locate "unplanned" places for lunch. The site has most if not all of the features you describe. -- Jake

    1. I know that John Talbot's blog has a blog entry filtering by Paris arrondisements which isn't a map but simply does what I'm looking for.

      And I imagine most guide books provide this feature too.
      Actually, I only know of one that does which slips my mind now but is way behind what's happening due to the publication lag. (Now that I reflect, it may be Zagat's).

      Figaro/Figaroscope has wonderful maps but only of each resto, not what's near whatever.

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      1. re: John Talbott

        Thank you John. Sorry about the spelling of your last name in the original post. A lapse in my mental and visual focus was the reason.

        It's interesting that the chowhound site has resto reviews, and integration with google maps too, but there aren't not a lot of reviews, making the feature useless. And there aren't many, maybe only two, chowhound based public google maps that I could find. Too bad as that seems like it could be a really high tech effective tool.

      2. This one is rather impressive (though there's non-food stuff on it too). Not mine, found in the comments section of

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        1. re: betterbeheaven

          That is an impressive map and kudos to the maker. Along the lines of what I'm looking for with different types of food establishments color coded on a map. Love to see something like this but an enhanced foodie only version from chowhounder members with different color pins for bistro, restaurant, fast food or takeout. And lunch and dinner versions maybe. And markets and stores. Wine stores. And some sort of rank or rating based on chowhound reviews. Ya, that would be pretty nice.

        2. Souphie has a very good map on his website:

          For what it is worth, you can find mine from a recent trip by searching for "Paris BKFO" on Google Maps. I was just learning to use Google maps so there are a few unlabelled things on there but it has many of the places frequently discussed on this board (Frenchie, Spring, Les Papilles, L'Agrume, Le Cinq, Ledoyen, Saturne, L'As du Falafel, Bertillon, Greg Renard, Oteiza, Fromage Dubois etc) plus some good bars and clubs.

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          1. re: panaroma

            Yes, I found the blog yesterday and the maps. It's very nice. Soup had posted once on chowhounds that the blog has maps and I found it in a search.

            There is also another map that isn't posted on the blog but can be found by looking at the user "Julot" on Google. The map is called Ze Favs. Must be a secret map! Also like how the Starred Restaurants map was done with 2 collaborateurs. And thanks for sharing your map. Lots of points on it. And your apartment location looks great. I have started my own map and the first thing I put on it was my apartment. I have been trying to find a way to import other maps easily but it's not. Even doing an overlay with mine and others doesn't seem to work.

          2. There is another map on a website that will go unmentioned by Dave Hatfield, an indefatigable mapper/eater from the South of France that you might find useful.

            But you know, in Paris at least, if you sort of know where you'll be, you can figure out walkable/metroable restos and make them in 10-40 minutes max.