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Help with a shopping list while in New Orleans

Can't wait for a last minute long weekend to New Orleans. It's been a year since my last trip. I have ordered lots of stuff online(with minimal success). I am wondering what you would bring home to stock your pantry (or freezer) with the holiday season fast approaching.
Spices? Seasonings? Things not available in Boston?

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  1. Andouille, smoked sausage, and any other cured meat products you like. And in New Orleans, I'd get 'em at Cochon Butcher. High quality and they have a vacuum pack device to set you up for travel.

    I also pick up Tony Chachere seasoning at any grocery, and local Acadian honey because I like it. Get file powder at the grocery store too, if you use it.

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      Thanks! Never would have remembered the Acadian Honey. It's fabulous!!
      Cochon Butcher is on my list
      Any other ideas out there?
      Thanks in advance

    2. Andouille
      Tasso (spiced ham)
      Boudin or Boudin Noir
      Smoked pork chops done Cajun style
      Pig Stand BBQ sauce (tastes exactly like onions you put on a NY Sabrett hotdog)
      Muffuletta Olive Salad
      Gumbo, just freeze it and reheat
      Crawfish/ crawfish boil

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        Thank you Cheese Boy!
        Pig stand BBQ sauce is now on my list

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          creole mustard....i use it a lot but sometimes people have trouble finding it.

        2. One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to wander into a local grocery store and stroll the aisles. I'll look for spice blends, hot sauces, canned goods, anything unusual really.

          You never know what you might find.

          I'm in Houston, so a lot of things from Nawlins are readily available, (Boscolli's olive spread for a muffaletta, for example). The last time I was there, I bought a bottle of Sazerac, (rye with bitters), some Zatarains creole mustard, Voodoo tea, (I don't know, so don't ask!), Cafe du Monde coffee with chickory, and a few other things.

          I've also collected a few restaurant cookbooks over the years, (Court of Two Sisters, Commander's, etc.). We always have our waiter, (and if they're not too busy, the chef), autograph them for us.

          I love New Orleans.

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            To the above, I'd add Stensel's Popcorn rice. Beyond the hot mustard there are some Zatarain's brown mustards that I use a lot.
            One of the nicest packages a friend who's still there sent me was an assortment of Zatarain's boxed mixes- the white beans and rice are good (and faster than I can make at home) and some of the others that I haven't been able to find up nawth (in north Alabama or Tennessee).
            The Community Dark Roast Coffee with chicory is something i don't share with anybody.
            You can never have too much andoille in your freezer and Camellia red beans are hard to find north of the coast.

          2. If it's to your taste, frozen turtle (for soup), frozen alligator (makes a nice switch for gumbo), crayfish fat (not sure if the season is over), fresh pecans...

            1. Have you ever had a slice of Russian cake and have you tried Haydel's Almond Croissants? Worth a stop on the way to the airport. I really miss the almond croissants.

              1. p.s. Community Coffee and cane syrup (if you like to bake w it or use it instead of maple syrup in things

                1. Zatarain's root beer extract. I love it as a drink mix but I've heard of people using it for cooking. I suspect a baked ham would be lovely with Zat's in the marinade. One creole mustard to get, if you can find, is Scratchmo's. They sell it next to Cochon Butcher at Nola Grocery for about five bucks a jar. For meats Cochon Butcher has great stuff but it is quite expensive compared to what you can get at Jacob's in LaPlace.

                  1. Go by the Konriko store and pick up some Greek and Creole seasoning. Much better than Tony's IMHO. Also a bag of popcorn rice from the Central Grocery. Have a Muffelata while you are there.

                    1. You might want to stop by a location of the local chain butcher Wagner's Meats and pick up a few of their famous bumper stickers:

                      YOU CAN'T BEAT...
                      WAGNER'S MEAT

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                        Awesome! I still have my red "You can't beat Wagner's Meat" T-shirt from when my band played a gig in New Orleans back in 1998. Ah, college days...