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Nov 6, 2010 02:04 AM

Cheap Eats in Edmonton

I'll be in Edmonton for about a week but will be on quite a budget. I was just wondering what are some places for some cheap AND good eats around Whyte, High Street, West Ed Mall.

Doesn't have to be fancy obviously! But it'd be nice to get real food!

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  1. In my opinion, a lot of the Chinese and Vietnamese places in China Town (just north of Downtown on 97 st) are cheap and pretty good.

    1. La Shish Taouk is a Lebanese place at Jasper and around 117th/118th and they'll do shawarma or falafel for less than 10 bucks.

      As mentioned, pho is usually a hearty meal and is almost always less than 10 bucks as well.

      Famoso pizza is located right across from La Shish Taouk on Jasper Ave. and they do some great thin crust pizzas for less than $15. They are accredited or authorized or whatever by the 'Associazione Verace Pizza Napolitana' for making authentic Naples style pizzas.

      Bangkok express is located a little bit south of Whyte Ave. at 99th St. and Argyll Rd. (63rd. Ave). They are a fairly simple restaurant but the staff are all Thai and the food is very good.

      My final recommendation is Rodeo Burger, located on 112th St. across from the U of A. Great homestyle burgers.

      Our favourite Indian buffet is Daawat, on Whyte Ave. at around 100th St. The dinner buffet is close to 20 bucks but of course it's all you can eat so if money is really tight you could potentially have a very light lunch and then a hearty dinner. They have a few classics as well as several new selections every time we visit.

      Rodeo Burger
      8525 112 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6G, CA

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      1. re: egon61

        Thanks! I will check to see if these are walkable. The Rodeo Burger really has me interested. I haven't had a good homemade patty in forever. Or homestyle. it sounds delish. Never had shawarma either...

      2. High Street - Urban Diner. Not dirt cheap but not break your budget prices either.

        WEM - well... there's the food courts which is what will be cheapest, and also all the regular chains like Moxies, Cactus Club, etc. as well as a few other places that will be pricier. There is a La Shish over at Mayfield Common mall (few minutes drive from WEM) if you are so inclined.

        Urban Diner
        12427 102 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5N, CA

        Cactus Club Cafe
        7010 MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2H 0L3, CA

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        1. re: anonymoose

          Love Urban Diner! Had a meatloaf sandwhich there years ago. Might go again. Though I want to try something new! Maybe a sandwich at Duchess. Has anyone tried them? They look fresh and tasty.

        2. Depending on what day of the week, if you are at WEM on a Wednesday Delux Burger has $2 sliders. 2 of them with a half order of fries ($3) would fill you up, 3 you'd be stuffed. Not great, but I've had worse at that mall.

          SOrt of near High Street (at least as close as La Shish is) is Elm Cafe that has really good sandwiches during the day. Only 3 plan on takeout. It is on 117 just off Jasper.

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          1. re: Dan G

            Thanks for the rec on Delux Burger! The sliders deal sounds awesome and usually I'm so busy that I just want a small bite. And I really want a good burger. Badly. The mall is kind of awful for food but I guess there's always Swiss Chalet (which we don't have in SK...sad sad sad).

            I'll check out Elm Cafe too.

          2. On High Street, I recommend Dahlia's Mediterranean Bistro for Lebanese food. The prices are quite reasonable, but I don't think they are open during the late evenings.

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            1. re: Libertycafe

              Good suggestion Libertycafe.

              In addition to the Lebanese food, the owner/operator makes a tasty Montreal smoked meat sandwich

              1. re: Bob Mac

                Thanks to the both of you for suggesting and seconding that. You had me at Montreal smoked meat sandwich... I've been craving one since Montreal. Mmmmmm.!