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Weddings at La Maquette (Toronto)

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I'm just wondering if anybody has held or been to a wedding at La Maquette (King and Church). My partner and I are seriously considering this venue for our wedding next summer but haven't been able to find too many reviews or discussions about this venue. Any info or experiences would be helpful. Thanks!

La Maquette
111 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C1G6, CA

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  1. if want to hold a wedding at a restaurant, i would think you would want it to be a special restaurant to both of you. go for dinner, become a regular, if you love the restaurant and the restaurant loves you, it will be a marriage made in heaven

    1. Hey, I went to a wedding there just this past Sept. The upstairs was reserved for the reception and they had a nice little dance floor and bar off to the side. The service was really good and the staff friendly, but the food disappointed, especially given how long the restaurant's been around. I believe the choices for mains were NY Steak (some were too well done), chicken (my girlfriend traded hers away) and vegetarian wellington (way too much veggies and pastry was soggy, but sauce was nice). Dessert was either sorbet (very good fruit flavour) and creme brulee (pretty standard). They did organize a beautiful ceremony though, on the outdoor patio area. Hope this helps!

      1. Haven't been there for a wedding but I do think it's a beautiful space. Unfortunately I don't think the food is good. Ate there once, and it was enough. Everything I had was just totally lacking in flavour/bland. So I guess it would be ambience vs. food at this location, imo.

        1. I had my wedding there. Best wedding I've ever had!
          They were extremely competent - went extremely smoothly. Food was pretty good BUT I worked closely with them to ensure I got what I wanted. Incidentally I do that with EVERY function where food is involved. I've seen disasters that could have been avoided with good planning.

          Wedding itself was in the patio area/sculpture garden; kept to 14 minutes to fit between chimes of st James' clock. Pictures in sculpture garden and rose garden of St James's across the street. Reception on ground floor. Dinner upstairs (no dancing but we had a guitarist).

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            Thanks estufarian. I was just wondering what you mean when you say you worked "closely" with them for the food. Did you give them suggestions at the tasting? Where you able to diversify the menu? And were they open to that?
            That's actually one of my biggest concerns about this venue - the bland food. My fiance and I tried it out for dinner, and though it was OK and really wasn't anything special at all. But it gives me hope that with suggestions the food comes out better. Otherwise, I'm happy to hear that the service was impeccable and that things ran smoothly.
            Thanks for your posts!

            1. re: rajil

              Yes, I asked for a few changes - don't recall exactly what, but I was very happy with the result. And yes, it isn't the most exciting food - but my target was to choose dishes that nobody would dislike, rather than attempt to be innovative.

              And the overriding message is 'keep it simple'. Over-complicating the food CAN lead to difficulties in the kitchen (not just at La Maquette). 'Many' chefs don't think about the logistics of getting the food to the table. Preparing simultaneous meals for 6-8 people is the maximum for a typical restaurant. Doing 50 (or even 500) requires a totally different set of skills.
              I tried looking up our menu, but can't find it (somewhere in the basement) so hesitate to be specific. But I also organized an anniversary dinner there (for somebody else) and it was pretty good (not as impressive as my wedding, but still excellent value). Again, though, I asked for some specific dishes/ingredients and worked closely with the chef (Stretch).

              But, on the 'big night for us' everything worked perfectly. Our 'rent a rev' was superb and the people at La Maquette made sure they handled everything (even saved a botle of champagne for us behind the bar when the guests took full advantage of the interim time while we were involved in picture taking).

              Wherever you choose - go with people who have done this MANY times before.

              PS Our 'rent-a rev' turned the ceremony 180° so that we faced the 'audience' and the rev's back was to them (we used the patio). So simple, and a great hit both with us and our guests.

              La Maquette
              111 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C1G6, CA

          2. rajil and estufarian
            We are also thinking of having our wedding at La Maquette. Any thoughts or suggestions? Rajil, I'd be really intereted to hear how your wedding went. Thanks in advance!

            La Maquette
            111 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C1G6, CA

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              No substitute for actually talking to them - they have a complete 'package' with different menus etc. They do this all the time, so ask for references as well.
              As I said above, food isn't spectacular - but it is solid (at least it was for me) - but the great thing was that they handled all the 'details', such as flower arrangements (although we did bring in our own cakes).
              The less you have to worry about on the 'big day' the better.

            2. You may wish to read this short thread with recent posts


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              1. re: AzulH

                And note that AzulH had a really bad experience there - yet didn't respond to my questions!
                Clearly (for me) you should try it yourself and make your own judgements.

              2. We were supposed to be going to my niece's wedding there tomorrow night. She was married in England several weeks ago and was to have held a second wedding at La Maquette for her Toronto friends and family. It was not a sit down dinner but an appetizer wedding and party. It was booked several months ago. Last week she was informed that since it wasn't a sit down meal she would have to pay a lot more for the space to make up for a price difference in the meals. A WEEK AGO,!! The cost difference was very substantial.
                Since she had a contract in place she demanded that the restaurant live up to it. They refused. As a result she had to find another venue in only a week. I know that every single one of the one hundred people attending the wedding will never set foot in La Maquette again after such shoddy business dealings. Beware dealing with this place.

                1. My daughter was to have her wedding at La Maquette but changed venues just days before their big day, after La Maquette tried to strong arm her into paying more money. They had a contract with them for 8 months and no issues arose until the week before the wedding! I will never go to La Maquette again and will warn everyone to stay away!

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                    Your experience and the one mentioned by Stageflight are surprising, especially after reading what is in the owner's profile here: http://lamaquette.com/absec_About_Ang...

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                      Well, they sound like the same experience :) Locally and totally unrelated, we had a 'spiritual healer' type who was not known for her fair business practices either.

                    2. re: TuckerM

                      I had my wedding at La Maquette - no problems. I still visit regularly.

                      I am somewhat surprised at the coincidence of two completely separate posters who had similar bad wedding experiences on different occasions somehow checking a food Board and each posting for the first time.
                      May I suggest that a lawyer would be a more appropriate response.
                      La Maquette has been around for 30 years and a large part of their business is weddings. If this reported behaviour is typical, I can't reconcile that with such an extended time in business.

                      1. re: estufarian

                        Hi there
                        I posted on this site because a friend who has been a member for a long time told me I should post here and let people know of my experience. A day after posting I found out that someone else had posted about the same event. I did not know that they had. As for being a "one hit poster" that is totally true, however, if this is not a site for letting others know about an experience with a restaurant then what is? Are we only supposed to post good reviews? Seems to me I answered a question by another poster with my opinion. Sorry if it differed from others but that was what happened. Plain and simple.

                        1. re: Stageflight

                          Sorry to hear of La Maquette ruining your niece's wedding and not fulfilling the contract. This site is about sharing knowledge about all things food... the good and the bad. It is no slight to you but you have to take the initial reaction with an understanding that from superficial appearances, it looks deceivingly similar and suspicious from 2 random brand new 1 time posters. Perhaps this is a new trend and pattern... which would be unfortunate.

                          Please know all opinions re welcomed and so are you...

                          1. re: Stageflight

                            So it was the same event - it didn't read that way to me; looked like this was a recurring issue, rather than a one-off situation. As a statistician by training, this seemed like an improbable (but not impossible) 'coincidence' - especially as the venue has been under the same management for over 20 years.

                            Thank you for responding and making this a 'discussion'. For my part, I had my best wedding ever there (as I previously mentioned in this thread)!
                            And they even asked about the bride's bouquet and matched the table flower decoration to the bouquet.

                            1. re: estufarian

                              estufarian, what other places have you had your weddings at? I just want to know which places to avoid in the future! :-)

                              1. re: foodyDudey

                                All are now closed - no connection I'm sure (but Scampi In Love was served at one!).