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Nov 5, 2010 07:42 PM

How Large is Your cookbook or recipe collection or magazine collection

How many cookbooks/magazines/recipes do you have???

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  1. Though I've never counted, I estimate that I have over 100 cookbooks. More if you include cooking magazines. And if you ARE including cooking magazines, then I must have...oh my! I can't even begin to count! I'm obsessed!

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    1. re: Miri1

      As of today, I have 641.

      They are catalogued on an ongoing basis here:

    2. Too Many!!! I must have about !50 or more. I gave away over 500 to Cal Poly when they opened their new library. I have lots of magazines that I haven't even read yet. I am not buying anymore. Especially since you can find recipes on the web.

      1. Way too big- in the '80s I got into the foodie thing big time, and as a result I have a) some really, really cool, edgy, neat cookbooks, and b) some real stupid turkeys (so to speak). I wasn't that selective back then. I need to get rid of a lot of it. After that I did the same things with gardening books.

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        1. I have at least 300 cookbooks and probably 1000 mags..LOL I'm a sucker and it drives my GF batty

          1. About 300 cookbooks, I guess...and 15 notebooks filled with recipes my mother either laboriously wrote out in her beautiful penmanship, or cut and pasted (rubber cemented, actually) over about 40 years, too. I used to haul around 20 years of Bon Appetite and Gourmet--to my husband's dismay, when we moved--but ditched those in favor of Now SERIOUSLY regretting getting rid of the issues of Gourmet; so glad I saved at least the last five years. Several years of Savuer, some of an Italian/American magazine I"m blanking on the name, Food and Wine (don't like much but it always seems to be a freebie), some of Cooks Illustrated, and very precious copies of a magazine dear to this culinary historian's heart, the long gone but not forgotten "Cuisine" magazine.

            I love my complete collection of the Time-Life Foods of the World .I used to sit in a corner of the kitchen, reading those while my mother cooked....or we watched Julia Child or Graham Kerr (the Galloping Gourmet) together, after school. Those afternoons together deeply influenced my educational choices later in life. I treasure my old Anna Thomas Vegetarian Epicure books, because they were the first ones I owned as a newly fledged Young Adult (and cooked famously heavy meals from for my later husband, and for my parents, in my first apartment)...I've got just about all the "must have" cookbooks/authors of the past 25 years--including Marcella Hazen, Dianna Kennedy, James Beard, Paula Wolfert, Julia Child, Julie Sahni <?? sp>, Moosewood, Deborah Madison, etc.,etc....books on bread, books on canning and preserves, meat, cheesemaking, Indian, Vietnamese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Caribbean, Mexican, etc., etc....Southern cooking, CA new wave cuisine, etc., etc. I love cookbooks, and have a small collection of historical ones--my oldest is from 1845--for great bedtime reading, too.

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              Beckyleach, you are so lucky to have your mother's notebooks. My mother wasn't focused on cooking and never kept notes. She doesn't remember how she made dishes that she did when I was a kid. When my father retired she told him she retired too and he would have to cook. He has really taken to it. I will have my father's notebooks eventually I guess.

              1. re: AGM_Cape_Cod

                Yeah, and my father wrote up a lot of her recipes into his own little cookbook, mentioned in a different thread.

                I am lucky. :-)

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                My mom was a great cook and so was her mother. When my mother died and I looked through her handwritten recipes, lots of them were recipes I gave her just because nothing had been written down before. I have the Womans Day Encyclopedia of Cooking and I learned from that and my mother typed recipes and taped them to the inside cover of the corresponding volume. But, I still can't make my Babcha chicken soup.