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Nov 5, 2010 06:54 PM

I want to order a turkey from a restaurant for Thanksgiving Day. Any recs?

I know, I could just cook it myself. But I feel lazy so I will just make all the fixings...but I want to order a whole fresh (never frozen) turkey to be ready on Thanksgiving Day. I am thinking smoked or BBQed or something. Are there any places in town reputed for doing this well?

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  1. One of the butchers at CM on N. Lamar says there smoked turkeys are very good. We will probably do the same this year.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      BTW, I asked at Rudy's BBQ, they do smoked ones but then freeze them and you have to reheat them at home.

      I am also planning to call Mann's and now Central Market (that is CM, right?)

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        Other options include Luby's, Hoover's, Popeye's, Whole Foods, and Wheatsville. Some of these places might not be open on Thanksgiving, and others might not use fresh (unfrozen) turkeys, as you requested. Last year Central Market sold frozen smoked Greenberg turkeys.

        Central Market
        4477 S Lamar Blvd Ste 100, Austin, TX 78745

      2. Louisiana Longhorn is doing fried turkeys with cajun seasonings. It doesn't say they haven't been frozen.

        Louisiana Longhorn Cafe
        200 E Main St, Round Rock, TX 78664

        1. Lee's Meat Market in Jefferson Square will sell you a smoked, fried or roasted turkey. I don't know if they've been previously frozen, but you could give them a call. I've never ordered a turkey from them so I count vouch for their birds, but everything else I've gotten from them has been top notch. They're friendly people and will go out of their way to accommodate just about any request you have.

          1. I just heard Buster's BBQ in Lakeway is doing smoked turduckens. They get them from Stuffed Cajun Meat Market on 620 and smoke them. For those who don't know, this Cajun goodie is boneless duck breast stuffed inside a boneless chicken stuffed in a boneless turkey. The whole creation is then stuffed with - stuffing! Buster's has stuffing choices of jambalaya, shrimp, crawfish, and boudin. They are smoking them for pickup on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving but you have to reserve one by the 19th. One turducken feeds 10-15, btw.

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              I don't see that on the menu - any idea of the price?

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                I ordered the turducken. It is 12$/lb. Pricey but it will be fun for entertaining just this once at this special time of year. Buster's is going to deliver it hot on Thanksgiving day before noon for no extra charge. We are ordering it with no-pork jambalaya (they will sub beef). I have not told my family that it is not a traditional turkey cuz I know I am going to get an ear full. But I have no doubt that it is going to be wonderful. I am extremely excited.

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                  I'm sure they will love it! It kind of looks like a traditional turkey cause they leave the drumsticks and wings. I had heard $15 a pound from Buster's, but maybe that has changed. If you don't have that many to feed, you can get a turducken roll from Stuffed (of course you'll have to cook it) that feeds 5-8. Reservation deadline is the same, Friday the 19th.

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                    Just as a follow up, we had our Buster's turducken. It was gorgeous. They were not able to deliver to my area on Thanksgiving cuz we are too far from Lakeway, so I picked it up the evening before. It still tasted great though it had been chilled and reheated. It was seasoned sooo well, salty with a bit of heat in that Cajun way. The smokey flavor penetrated deep inside the birds and into the Cajun rice stuffing. Regular turkey puts me off, but this was very flavorful and somehow the slow smoking technique left the meat juicier. The multiple bird thing was a fun novelty for everyone. I am thinking Buster's turducken is going to be a family tradition for us from this year on. Thanks for the recommendation.