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Nov 5, 2010 03:46 PM

winter squash extras, store them cooked or uncooked?

My wife and I enjoy winter squash but we can't always finish an entire butternut squash or an entire acorn squash, etc... What's the ideal way to store extras?

Should I anticipate what we'll eat before cooking? Say, half a butternut squash? Cook up half and eat? The other half, wrap up and into the fridge? If so, how long will it last?

Should I cook the entire thing and just refrigerate the remainder for eating within the next few days?

Just curious, thanks chowhounds!

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  1. If you know you'll want the extras again within a few days just cook the entire dish & store leftovers in a sealable container. If you only want to cook half a squash, the other half will store well for a couple of weeks in the crisper of your fridge wrapped tightly in plastic wrap & into a freezer bag.

    Soup made from squash freezes well, however, I find that other cooked dishes like casserole or saute for example, does not thaw well when frozen. It tends to retain the water. You can freeze uncooked diced/sliced squash if you'll be using it for a dish in which presentation doesn't matter. Hope this helps!

    1. We cook the whole squash, and then eat the leftovers. Since we both work from home offices, the leftover squash finds its way onto our lunch plates. Lately, I have been cooking extra squash because I am enjoying a squash, apple and curry soup.