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Nov 5, 2010 03:25 PM

Slower Cooker recipes w/ NO red meat or pork?

Could anyone please suggest healthy-ish slow cooker recipes that have no red meat or pork? Poultry and seafood are fine though.


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  1. I like to cook turkey thighs in the slow cooker. Because they are bigger/thicker than chicken, it is easier to avoid overcooking (totally fall-off-the-bone mushy). HOWEVER, this is Not a 'leave it all day' job - after about two hours on high, turn to low and check frequently - the meat goes from stiff/underdone to perfect in a flash!
    There are many flavoring options - I usually marinate overnight in recado rojo
    or commercial achiote paste, plenty of garlic and sour orange juice.
    Add up to 1 cup of the marinade to the slow cooker. Presto, faux cochinita pavo!

    1. Coq au vin! See Chow's recipe which actually calls for slow-cooker:

      1. Tonight I sauteed some Turkey kilbasa with onion, garlic, carrots, celery and tomatoes (you can add any veggies you want, I think bell peppers would be good) threw it in the cooker with apple cider vinegar, worchestershire, a little brown sugar, Cajun spice, cayenne pepper garlic salt (again add whatever spice combo you like) threw in a can of northern beans (not to be repetative but any beans work) and set on low. Easy delicious healthy especially served over brown rice

        1. chicken cacciatore
          turkey, chicken or vegetarian chili
          bean stew or cassoulet
          whole grain casserole (e.g. mushroom barley)
          Moroccan chicken stew
          chicken or turkey "osso buco"
          vegetable, chicken, shrimp or turkey curry
          shrimp Creole

          for any recipe that typically calls for cured meat such as sausage or bacon, you can just use a chicken or turkey variety.

          1. Here is a fantastic website that has all kinds of crockpot (slow cooker) recipes - 50+ Friends Club Cookbook Crockery Pot Cooking is the name of the site and here is the link:


            Just copy and paste that in your browser. Tons of great recipes on this site including many poultry and vegetarian options.