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Nov 5, 2010 03:04 PM

New Haven Area Restaurant for Family Rendezvous?

I am planning to come from Boston to meet with NY family for a weekend lunch in the New Haven area (sorta kinda half way between us). We will be 3 generations - my teenagers and my 80-something parents. I am looking for a restaurant that will be comfortable for my parents - easy parking, not noisy or with an overstimulating atmosphere, and wheelchair accessible. We'd like to be able to linger over a long lunch. We'd be happy with American Comfort-y food, Italian, or Seafood. Any suggestions? We're kind of flexible on location. The NY family can drive about 1-1/2 hrs from Long Island, the Boston family is willing to drive more.

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    1. I am actually not a fan of Leon's, at all. Heresy to some- been there twice and was extremely disappointed both times (hubby liked it both times). However, there are a few places in Hamden/North Haven that are about 90 minutes from the Whitestone and easily accessible from the Parkway (plus, the Hutch/Merritt is a much nicer ride than 95). Both Taste in North Haven ( ) and Park Central Tavern in Hamden ( ) have good parking, and are wheelchair accessible, and I would recommend them as a good value.

      Park Central Tavern
      1640 Whitney Ave, Hamden, CT 06517

      1. Would Lenny's in Branford be a good choice?

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          I guess, if fried seafood is your thing (not mine at all). I think La Luna in Branford is also a good choice ( ) if you are looking in Branford. I would avoid it on a Sunday, since they do a huge brunch buffett and it gets quite crowded. But, it has good parking, good food and seafood selections, etc....