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Nov 5, 2010 02:37 PM

Smitten Kitchen Mushrooms Bourguingnon ?

I believe it was Goodhealthgourmet who directed me to this recipe at
I am thinking of making it for the vegetarians at Thanksgiving (I loved the mushroom bread pudding recipe, but thought this would be more festive and special).
Anyway, do you think I can prepare the Mushroom bourguignon recipe and FREEZE it?
I have such a small NYC kitchen, and so few burners/ cooking surfaces, and SO many dishes, I was wondering if I could just freeze it in advance, and then re-heat on Thanksgiving.
Here is a link to the recipe. (Sorry it is not showing as a link!!)

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  1. I think you could freeze it, but I bet you would lose the thickness provided from the flour/butter mixture that's stirred in at the end. I'd do the recipe up to that point and freeze it, then defrost, reheat and add the flour/butter thickener. Just my 2 cents.

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      I've made this recipe several times and frozen and reheated it without a problem. Beware - make plenty as it's very good and even the serious carnivores will happily dig in..

    2. Thank you both for your responses and suggestions. I am glad (and relieved) to know I can prepare it and freeze it.
      Janeh, how many servings would you say the recipe makes, as written ? I have 3 vegetarians, and although we will be having a ton of other food that they can eat, I don't want to skimp on this dish which is specifically for them for them.
      Will the recipe as written serve three?

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        Hi bxgirl. I checked the recipe again - it states that it serves 4, but I served it over egg noodles and recall having leftovers each time - it's hearty stuff. I've used baby bellas, which have been less expensive, left out the onions completely when I forgot to get them - the recipe's flexible and good.
        Happy holidays - Jane

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          Thank you, again, janeh.
          I, too, actually bought baby bellas because they were cheaper!!!
          I think I had read that the combo of portobello and crimini was good, so I bought crimini, as well. I did buy the pearl onions, so I guess I will toss them it.
          I plan to prepare it tomorrow, and then freeze it until Thanksgiving. You have really given me the confidence to do this, and sort of know that it won't be a disaster!!! Thanks

          1. re: bxgirl

            Crimini mushrooms are portobello mushrooms. They're simply the same mushroom harvested at a smaller stage of growth. The flavor is largely the same, but the mushroom is more tender because of its smaller size. There's a reason why crimini are alternately called "Baby Bella." They are simply and precisely just that.

      2. Just wanted to update you...
        I made the mushrooms yesterday, and my kitchen smelled unbelievably wonderful!! I did sneak a taste, and they were really good.
        I took Emily's advice, and did not add the butter/flour thickener. I left a note on the container to add that when I re-heat the mushrooms at Thanksgiving. I did not add the pearl onions, either, and will throw those in before I re-heat, too.
        Thank you, Emily and janeh, for helping me with this. and for your incredibly quick responses to my many questions!!!

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        1. this recipe looks awesome as do most of the ones on that site. thanks for the link