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Nov 5, 2010 02:25 PM

1 20lb or 2 10lb turkeys?

i have 10 people coming for tgiving and i have always made a larger dry-brined turkey. but the butcher convinced me that i should go with two smaller birds. i now have a large oven (a bluestar) and could probably fit them side by side.
but then i got cold feet. has anyone done 2 smaller turkeys vs. 1 big? and if i roast them both in the same oven (with convection) do i need to add some time in to compensate for the amount of stuff in the oven??

some advice would be appreciated.

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  1. I vote for 2 turkeys. You get 4 pieces of oysters 0:-)

    And it's probably better to stick a temperature probe into the turkeys than to check on time.

    1. being a dark meat fan, i also vote for 2 birds.

      pound for pound, it's the same weight, but you may actually need a bit less time cooking with smaller birds, since both heat and air will circulate more around them.

      1. Go with 2.

        It's easier to cook smaller birds without drying them out (or overcooking).

        1. Another vote for two birds but for a different reason. I have already posted this, so forgive me for repeating .........
          I cook one bird on Wednesday. Cool, slice and package the meat. I make the gravy from the pan drippings also. On Thanksgiving, I cook the second bird. The house smells like it should and clean-up has been taken care of the day before - no last minute fussing. Re-heat the foil packets of light & dark meat. Put the freshly roasted bird in the center of a warm platter, surrounded by (warm) sliced meat. Pass the (warm) gravy and you're set.

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          1. re: Sherri

            Sherri, that's exactly what I do. It takes a lot of the pressure off, knowing that I have half the meal already done! The backup gravy, especially, seals the deal.

          2. A no brainer - pair of 10's. More surface area for seasoning, more crisper skin, less cooking time, and old fashioned stuffing becomes a practical option.

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            1. re: Veggo

              thanks everyone. you put me at ease about it. i think i need to pick up another vrack...don't think they two birds will fit on the one i have. i also thought: 4 drumsticks! i never get a drumstick but maybe this time i will!!!