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Nov 5, 2010 02:14 PM

Are we on track for a local Dungeness opener 11/15?

So has anyone been keeping track? It's been touch and go for so many years now .... Last year, we held off until the live tank prices at R99 stabilized after Thanksgiving. Let's all hope for the best.

Sushi Monster

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  1. I always figured the prices stayed high over Thanksgiving because of the holidays. The past 2-3 years, right after t-day...prices tend to drop $4/lb. Of course if it's a good season and there's a glut (which some people are suggesting), maybe there will be a price break. That would be really nice.

    1. I saw a report that the quality of the catch from the areas that are already open is excellent.

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        I can report firsthand that the crabs are big AND plentiful.

        Went Saturday 11/6 on a rockfishing & crab combo trip on the Tigerfish out of Pillar Pt Harbor, The fishing was a bit slow but the weather and ocean conditions were nice. We went to retrieve the crab pots afterwards and they were averaging 15-25 per pot. Everybody got their limits of 6 crabs per person.

        Boiled them as soon as I got home and they were tasty. Here's some video from the day. It's not Deadliest Catch, but it was a fun day.

        PS: I was told the Tigerfish will switch to commercial crabbing when that season begins next week. They will be selling off the docks at Pillar Pt along with the rest of the fleet.

        1. re: baron45

          Baron, loved the video - fishing didn't look slow to me! Wish I had some of those fish and crab right now - the crab looks awesome and great rock fish. You guys must have had a feast - brought back memories of 40+ yrs ago when my ex used to go out there to fish...

          1. re: RWCFoodie

            RWCF: We were out rockfishing for about 5-6 hours so it doesn't look slow when you're viewing a 9-min. video. However, it is nice to be out on the ocean and the crabs were delicious.

            I simply boiled and cracked them, then ate them plain with a bit of lemon. So sweet! The meat is so firm when it's fresh. Barring any weather problems, the boats will be selling at the Pillar Pt docks some time next week. They will be fresher than the ones at the markets.

            PS: If you only want crabs and don't want to do any rockfishing, there are boats that will do crab-only trips so that's one fun option if you've never been out there.



            1. re: baron45

              I read on Coastside Fishing Club's website that the New Captain Pete is running crab-only trips from Pillar Pt Harbor for only $40. The pots are stuffed with crab. This is a great deal in case you want a short boat ride to get some really fresh Dungeness crab.

              1. re: baron45

                If only mal de mere wasn't a problem for me - Unfortunately it has kept me off of fishing boats. Fortunately, it hasn't kept me off big ships! So my crabbing is confined to either Pillar Point or my local/closer Asian markets!

              2. re: baron45

                I pretty much figured out that the video had been recorded over a number of hours but those look like some awesome fish!

                I've been home not feeling well for a couple of days but now you've got me thinking of fresh crab and not feeling queasy so I must be getting better!

        2. I was curious how you know you're buying "local" crab? Unless a seller specifically advertises they're selling local crab, are you buying local crab?
          Is it possible the stores crab distribution channels continue to use crab from Alaska along with local crab?

          Ran across this article that says a large portion of the local crab is fished by out of state crabbers from Washington and Oregon and then canned and frozen and shipped out of state.

          1. Started November 16,2010 at Pillar Point Harbor.

            Pillar Point Harbor
            Princeton Avenue (at Broadway Street), Pillar Point HBR Half Moon Bay, CA