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Nov 5, 2010 01:26 PM

French-influenced Southeast Asian menu

I am looking to put together a menu of Vietnamese, Khmer, and/or Lao food for a dinner party. I'm looking for dishes that have some aspect historically derived from or inspired by French cuisine.

There's the obvious banh mi and pho -- what other suggestions do Chowhounders have?

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  1. Perhaps cream puffs with a banana custard inside? My mom always mentions that when she tells me about her days as a schoolgirl "back home".

    Frog legs can be stir fried with a bit of curry or deep fried (might as well just use your regular batter). Although my mom maintains that the French got the frog legs idea from the this point, it doesn't matter, I say, just eat it...

    Snails can be stir fried with oyster sauce and some "Thai" basil, other seasonings to taste. Then serve with toothpicks. Yummy. Good luck. Let me know if you have questions. I can ask my mom for you.

    1. Bo kho or beef stew, served with banh mi phap baguettes to sop up the stew.

      Pa Te.

      Kem Flan, and Vietnamese beignet for dessert