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Nov 5, 2010 01:11 PM

1.4 pounds of boneless leg of lamb...preparation?

I was thinking of following a recipe similar to this one:

How, though, might I modify it for a smaller, boneless portion? Should I pick a new preparation entirely?

I figured that I could also roast the lamb with some of the small acorn squash that I picked up.


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    since this recipe requires 2 lbs of leg, 1.4lbs of boneless leg should be perfect.
    I love LOVE this recipe. So easy and tasty. I think you can even omit saffron.

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    1. re: Monica

      Well I should probably be more specific; I've got some garlic, some onions, some tomatoes, lamb, (dried) oregano, rosemary, thyme, cinnamon, olive oil, and an acorn squash. And some apples (I'm a college student). So I'm looking for a relatively simple (in terms of ingredients) preparation.

      In other words, my question is mostly: what should I put in the roasting pan/toss in the stewpot?

      1. re: zooxanthellae

        For example, something like this:

        To account for the smaller size...maybe 35 minutes at 350? I'm pulling this number from here:

        The recipe itself calls for 2 hours for a cut that's a little over twice the size.

        Could I also just toss in some cubed squash with olive oil, salt, and pepper? Or would that be better done in a separate pan?

    2. With the ingredients you've got, you can do a very nice, neat small roast and a squash 'accent' with some fresh tomato to brighten the plate.

      Keep it simple. Plunge a knife 1/4 inch into the surface of the lamb about 8 times and slip in some slices of the garlic. Make a paste of the spices (all of them) adding only salt and fresh ground pepper, and a tbsp or 2 of olive oil and rub all over the tiny roast.

      Cut up the onions and apple and add a little salt and olive oil and saute for 3 mins and stuff a half acorn squash with the mixture.

      Roast the squash for about 1/2 an hour at 375, add the lamb and continue for another hour (or so) at the temp and use your discretion as to doneness. Some like lamb rarer than others.

      Keep the tomato as a bright, fresh salady doesn't do much for a roast of lamb to introduce it sooner in the cooking process.

      Bon appetit! (and if you are cooking for one, you will not eat all that lamb and accompaniments so, if you have curry powder and rice, you have the makings for a great lamb curry the next day.)

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      1. re: LJS

        this sounds like the perfect meal.

      2. So you have some garlic, rosemary and olive... GREAT start. Make a paste with the three ingredients. Open the leg and smear the inside with the paste plus a generous amount of salt and pepper. Roll the leg back up and if you can, tie it. As much as possible, keep the roll a uniform size. Salt and pepper the outside of the leg.

        Quarter some onions and line the bottom of the roasting pan [or whatever you have] with these onions pieces and place the leg on top. [If you have some dijon mustard, it is mighty good if you rub some on the outside of the leg too.] Any other veggie such as celery or carrots could also line the bottom of the pan.

        For the acorn squash, cut in half, butter the rims, cook for one hour face down and then flip drizzle with some brown sugar or maple syrup, and cook for 15 more minutes.

        As you eat dinner, place the cored and filled apples into the oven. They should be ready in time for dessert. Fill with sugar, raisins, or you can go savory though not sure what that would look like.


        1. Hmmm. Pulling from your suggestions, I think I'm going to rub the meat down with a mixture of rosemary and olive oil; slice a couple of cloves of garlic and slide them into slits in the meat; and sprinkle the whole thing with some salt and pepper. And then roast for about an hour at 325, in a pan lined with a few quartered onions. TBH I like meat well-done (which may make some cringe, but hey).

          As for the squash, I'll halve it, cube an apple and put half of the cubes in each squash halve, sprinkle on some cinnamon and (if I can find some) raisins, and bake for...maybe 45 minutes with the lamb (separate dish)?

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          1. re: zooxanthellae

            With the lamb, so the squash gets some of the roast juices.

            1. re: zooxanthellae

              maria and I disagree. Lamb drippings don't appeal to everyone, so I would do them separately. But you know what? Your dinner will be delicious no matter what you do!

            2. This old recipe from the Frugal Gourmet for lamb with orzo pasta is one of my favorites:


              There would be no problem reducing the amounts.