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Nov 5, 2010 12:59 PM

Help me find veal near Durham!

I'm new to the triangle area. I'm looking for a good butcher, and in particular I want to find veal for terrines. I'm willing to travel a bit to get it, within reason. Any ideas where to find it?

Much thanks.

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  1. There is a Fresh Market store in Cary and Chapel Hill. There are two in Raleigh. They always have good veal. Call to be sure.

    1. Davinci's in Wake Forest is a terrific butcher shop. Depending on where you are in Durham, it may be a bit of a hike.

      We order an amazing prime rib from them each year for New Years Eve. Getting hungry just thinking about it!

      307 E Greenville St, Anderson, SC 29621

      1. Cliff's in Carrboro has been around longest, and to me is the best butcher around.

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          I agree, I'd call Cliff's Meats in Carrboro (< 30 min. from Durham) first. I bet he has the best price too.

          1. re: bbqme

            Thanks for the tips everyone - Cliff's was on my radar, but I haven't yet been there. The others are new to me. Thanks again.

            1. re: tkemeny

              I third Cliffs. FYI, I also love Fresh Market for quality and service. The best Standing Rib Roasts on the planet!!