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Nov 5, 2010 12:47 PM

Recipe collection programs for Mac. What do you recommend?

I've got a Mac computer. I'd like to get a recipe program to easily collect, save, organize, and most importantly, recover recipes that I find on the internet. I do not want to save the recipes on the servers controlled by Epicurious, Food Network, etc. I want them on my machine in one place rather than multiple places, where they won't be subject to companies going out of business, withdrawing the recipe due to copyright concerns (like when a Food Network chef decides to come out with a new cookbook), having their servers crash, etc. I'd like to be able to recover these recipes by ingredient, chef, cooking category (like dinner, appetizers, desserts, etc.)

If any of what I have written above makes no sense, I apologize. My computer skills are somewhat lacking, being "an old guy." Any suggestions?

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  1. I looked around for a while before settling on MacGourmet. I think it's around $15 shareware. It's been about 2 years and I've been impressed. The printing options are excellent and it will do all the math if you want to scale the recipes to suit how many portions you'll need. My only complaint would be that you can't have two recipe windows open at the same time.

    Overall it's a very straightforward program that lets you organize it the way you like.

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      I second the recommendation for MacGourmet. Here is a link ( . The cost is $29. The also offer a deluxe version which includes add ons for meal planning, cookbook generation and nutrition calculations. The deluxe version is $50 and oddly it is sold though a separate company (

      The software can import recipes directly from most of the popular online recipe sites , e.g. FoodNetwork and Epicurious. They typically require a little bit of "cleaning up" after import, if you're an obsessive like me. You can tag the recipes by chef/author, key ingredients, course, cuisine, etc. to make searching easy.

      They also sell a companion iPhone app so you can check a recipe at the while out shopping and so forth. (You can not import recipes using the iPhone app, only sync it with the recipe list on your computer so the iPhone app is useless without the full app in a desktop ir laptop.)

    2. I've used YummySoup for a little over a year now and it seems to do everything that MacGourmet does.

      1. I don't like MacGourmet. I don't think it is very good at all. Trying to email and recipe and cannot find the secret to doing that either in the index or anywhere else for that matter. I need a better one. Any ideas?

        1. I've tried various programs on friends' computers and haven't seen anything better than a simple and well-formed Word for Mac doc.

          1. I actually use a program called Evernote for all my recipes. Even though is a free "cloud-based" storage, they have a program you can download and install on your Mac (they also have a PC version). This way all my data (recipes) are stored on my Mac, so I don't have to be online to access or view them. However, if I find myself someplace without my MacBook, as long as I can access the internet I still have access to everything.

            A couple of points that I LOVE about Evernote -- first, it's SO easy. You can type notes into it or you can import pictures. So, let's say I see a recipe I want in a book or magazine, I simply snap a picture (with my camera or my phone) and import it into Evernote. Now, here's the really cool part -- Evernote makes the picture you upload searchable by the words within it. For example, if the recipe has nutmeg in it, and I'm looking for recipes that use nutmeg -- that note will come up because the word nutmeg is in the picture. SO SIMPLE!!

            Here's the best part for me -- since it's a cloud-based storage system, and they also have an app for my iPhone -- all my notes / recipes that I've inputted into my Mac, Evernote automatically sends them over to the Evernote app on my iPhone.

            I can't say enough about Evernote. I've used it since they launched in early 2008, and now there's no way I could do without it. I store ALL my notes / data in it. The basic service is free, and for heavy users there is a premium option for $5 a month. I used the free version for almost a year, then I upgraded because I was using it SO much.

            I easily have over 300 recipes, and can find whatever I'm looking for in a matter of seconds. Even articles I find online that I want to save or read later when I'm offline I clip into Evernote. I keep my shopping list in to so it's easily accessible when I'm at the store.

            Obviously I could go on and on about it. If you have any questions, please ask.

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              +1 for Evernote. It's awesome, and I can keep track of craft/quilt ideas, or things to do with the kids I teach (after school program once a week, not professionally)

              I don't have a smartphone, but I do love that I can access my collection online from another computer.