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Nov 5, 2010 11:18 AM

koreatown soondooboo chigae

what's your favorite spot? with winter fast approaching, i constantly crave this spicy and comforting seafood/ & tofu stew.

i may be in the minority but i think the version at BCD is one of the best. admittedly, i used to love its predecessor, dae dong, before it shuttered.

also, as i'm not korean, could someone answer me this - is it typical to have a ton of onions & zucchini in soondooboo chigae? the BCD version (as well as the one from dae dong, and han bat - another joint i frequent) doesn't have them, and i find their presence kind of distracting.

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  1. I like BCD's as well. It's very refined, silky smooth. However, I don't like the inevitable wait there, and the banchan seems... sterilized and dumbed down (I do like the fried fishie though).

    Seoul Garden is a solid plan B. Their sundubu is always solid, and the galbi which comes as the combo is awesome.

    Seoul Garden
    34 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

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      the wait tends to go pretty quickly. the fried fish banchan is great, though i find myself choking on all the bones. i kind of just gave up trying to eat them.

      their lunch deal is pretty awesome. i went a couple weeks ago and got dolsot bibim bap and a small bowl of soondooboo and it was 15$ or something like that. how can that be beat? IT CAN'T!

      also, i really like their pajun.

    2. I think BCD is probably the best spot in K-town.

      And to answer your question, no, it's not typical to have tons of onions and zucchini. That is more apt to be found in daen jang jigae (soybean paste casserole). I'm actually surprised you have encountered soon tofu jigae with it. I have seen it in all-veggie versions, but not in seafood ones.

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      1. re: Miss Needle

        ah, thank you for this - i had no idea. i suspect the place i ordered from today has the all-veggie version, and they add to it if you request seafood, chicken, beef, etc. i've learned that if i work in the koreatown area, i should just stick to ktown restaurants to get my korean fix and not order from a place in chelsea! i spent 20$ on chigae & an order of kimbap (well, it was 16.50 but i tipped) and i didn't even get ban chan delivered :(

        1. re: selenster

          Yeah, I generally stick to Korean restaurants in K-towns. There's a nice little place I go to in Long Island that's located in a non K-town because that's all there is. But I end up paying a lot more and there's no banchan. I miss my banchan!

      2. Another vote for BCD. For a downtown option, I like Jup She on Grand Street.

        And just this past Wednesday, I had seafood soondoobu at Woorjip. Was it life-changing? No. But it was $2.50, and good enough.

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        1. re: small h

          $2.50? Um, yes please. Thanks for the info. Definitely bookmarking.

          1. re: MonaNomura

            I don't want to oversell the place, so note that Woorjip is self-serve, with a by-the-pound buffet, a noodle bar and a selection of hot and cold prepared foods (sushi, bimimbop, etc.). The soondoobu comes in a plastic pint container, not a ceramic bowl.