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Nov 5, 2010 10:09 AM

Vermont Beef

Hi, I'm aware that City Market Coop in Burlington carries a selection of local VT beef and other meats (both grass fed and free range). Is there any one farm brand that is recommended over another. I'll be down there sometime soon and would like to bring some back home.

Any other interesting local products anyone would recommend? How's the Vermont Peanut Butter Company, is it worth it?


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  1. I'm fond of north hollow farm but I don't know if it's better than others. I just buy the occasional side from them (when I have room in the freezer, a side of beef is a LOT of beef), so I can take advantage of economies of scale. But I do like their beef a lot. :)

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      I was there on Saturday afternoon before your post, I coincidentally picked some North Hollow ground beef. Will let you know how it is. Thanks

    2. Perhaps this write- up could be of some help.

      1. I don't know how North Hollow compares to others but they are very reasonable and I like what we get from them. We've visited the farm several times on my way back down to NYC and the farmers are great people...I buy a lot of chicken/beef/pork/etc and they ship it down to me for a fairly reasonable shipping fee too.

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          I'm fortunate that they drive into Montpelier to deliver meat to the food coop there, so they'll deliver to my husband's office, it's just a few blocks away. :) Very very handy, so I can buy a whole side of beef, grass fed local beef, for $3 a pound. :) Veeery nice. :) I get to specify the cuts, too! I still need to do something with the tongue I got when I got my last side. I might go for a side of pork next time.