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Nov 5, 2010 10:06 AM

Small Ice Cream Machine

Hi all: I saw a Hamilton Beach Half Pint Soft Servce Ice Cream machine last weekend and wondered if anyone has had any experience with it. I'm looking for a way to make soy ice cream with very little to no sugar in it and wonder if this would work without the cream recommended in the recipes I've found online. Thx!!

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  1. Do you have a Kitchen Aid mixer? I have the ice cream attachment and I love it. It' also takes up less space than "another small machine." Personally I tend to shy away from Hamilton Beach. Everything I've ever owned by them, lasted no more than a year.

    1. What happens with ice cream mixes without sugar or fat in them is that they freeze solid to the sides of the canister. The resulting product, besides being hard to remove, will have an unpleasant icy texture. The sugar free ice creams and low fat ice milks sold ready made have fillers and gums added to then to improve the texture. Another option to slow down the freezing is to add a bit of alcohol such as rum. Not sure how the final texture would be though. You might try a cooked ice cream base that uses eggs but I don't know if you're a vegan or not. Try searching on the net for a soy ice cream recipe.

      You might be better off getting a blender such as the one called "The Ninja". Has good reviews. You would just add frozen fruit to the cold soy milk and then the machine would crush it to a fine soft serve ice cream texture. That might be your best bet. With the Bed Bath & Beyond coupon and the $10 rebate the machine would be under $40. Uses a special device with 6 blades. Works better for this than a standard blenders as it crushes ice more finely.

      You can see it make ice cream and other things here:

      1. Thank you both so much for all the info! Looking into both suggestions!! Hope you had a great weekend!

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          Coconut milk works pretty well in making non-dairy ice cream. It will still freeze quite solid without any sugar though, but the one I made did have a pretty nice creamy texture.