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Nov 5, 2010 10:02 AM

Help with ideas for finger food for 5 year old birthday party -PIRATE THEMED

I am having a pirate themed birthday party for my 5 year old on Sunday. Both kids and adults will be present. It's at 1:30 so I am going to have a table of finger/munchy type of foods. I want to keep it all within the pirate theme if I is what I have come up with (but I still want people to eat it!)

"Gator Bites/Legs" - Chicken Nuggets/Tenders (mainly for the kids)
"Capt hook fingers" - Sausage cut into pieces and wrapped in crescent dough w/ ketchup as blood
"Jewels of the Sea" - Marinated Cocktail Shrimp (Using Bon Apetit recipe for citrus cocktail shrimp)
"Cannonballs" - Some sort of cocktail meatball...sauce ideas that are adult and kid friendly?
Tropical Fruit Platter
Some sort of cheese/crackers

Does this even sound appealing? It is such a mish mash of things since I was trying to please kids and adults, and think of things I could make pirate themed....

Put on your creative thinking caps!!!

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  1. Interesting ideas. It sounds like it's going to be fun. Low maintenance ideas that kids might like:

    Pirate's Booty (the snack - my son loves these)
    Foil covered Chocolate coins (every pirate needs treasure)

    Kids won't care, but adults might appreciate a raw veggie platter of some sort. You could make "veggie coins" with raw zucchini and carrots, etc...

    1. Not pirate themed but always a hit at my kids' parties to the point it's not optional anymore: cook a couple cans of sweetened condensed milk right in the can (no, it won't explode and you can do it in your crockpot) in a few inches of water. It will turn to "caramel" sauce which can be served with apple slices as caramel apple dippers.
      These disappear no matter how much I've made!

      1. You already have sausage on the menu, but an octodog might be cute sitting on the plate as a decoration. You certainly don't need this silly gadget when a few slices with a knife will suffice, but here's a look. Use a straw to make eyes.

        Also, Pep Farm Goldfish crackers for your cheese platter. Don't they have big ones now? And maybe pretzel ones. A small treasure chest with bunches of grapes spilling out. You could still have your tropical fruits, but grapes don't have to be cut, thus tidy, and the treasure chest is the tie-in.

        A total PITA, but you could make PB or Nutella and jelly sandwiches, cut with a small, round biscuit cutter, wrap in gold paper for doubloons. Since they won't look very doubloon-y, you might have to make a sign/treasure map for them, paper with singed edges, stuck in the serving dish with a plastic sword, "X marks the spot for free doubloons". A little help with the illusion never hurts!

        You have to have a parrot somewhere in there. And the Jolly Roger, but perhaps that's going on the cake. Hope the party is a great success.

        1. Weird -- I posted then it hung up. Sorry if this gets duplicated.

          When I've done theme events, I always check out the birthday party idea sites. People share all kinds of ideas for crafts, decorations, games, and of course food. Here are a couple that look good:


          I love the idea of making a "grog" (from fruit juices or punch). You could even get theme cups at a party store.

          Have fun! Hope some of these ideas work.

          1. Fishsticks. You have to have fishsticks. Yarggh!