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Nov 5, 2010 10:00 AM

New Bolivian in Sterling

We've visited Betty's Restaurant Grill in the Clocktower Plaza off of Rt. 7 in Sterling (same plaza as Burlington Coat Factory and Shoppers Food Warehouse) several times now, sticking primarily to the saltenas and pupusas. This place is a real gem for bargain dining--the spouse and I got out for under $15, including tip, for lunch on our first venture, and that included a mocochinchi (cold cinnamon drink over a dried peach) for me. If I remember correctly, the pupusas are $1.50 each, and the saltenas $2.50 each.

I have little basis for comparison with a standard for the dish, but the saltenas are delicious. The dough is fairly sweet and contains either a beef or chicken stew, depending upon which you choose. The slaw which comes with the pupusas is a bit tastier than average.

At least one of the staffers does speak English and was able to bring me the mocochinchi when I asked her if they had the drink with the dried peach.

There are plenty of more complex dishes, including a rabbit dish, so this is not just a lunch counter by any means, though the decor is quite plain.

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  1. Thanks for the report. I've seen that place on it's on the short list to try.

    There's another place that at least has Saltena's across Rt 7 from there. It's on the backside of a building, which is just East of where the Pho place is. It's also on my short list, but you might be able to compare between the two.

    I also noted that the tacqueria that used to be just under the clock itself is gone, which is a shame. I posted a few times about it. And sort of to replace it is another tacqueria at the end of that strip, which is related to a place in the KMart center in Herndon. This is a double shame. The one in Herndon has good food but is indescribably horrible in terms of service. They also were the same group that bought Teocalli Tamale and ran it into the ground - again mainly in terms of service. Dona Gloria is the name I believe. Just awful and I hate that they essentially took away Teocalli from us.

    By chance have you been to the Lebanese place that's also in that same strip, but closer to Rt 7? I can make a trip up there about once a week, so it's going to be some time to get through all of these places.

    Lastly, I did finally try the Peruvian place over by the Vietnamese place. It's like Pollos Inka, where the chicken is not what one should get. But they had a full menu and I think that's where the love is to be found.

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    1. re: Dennis S

      The Lebanese place is excellent. It's family run and they're trying very hard to build the business.

      And yes, boo to the people who ruined our wonderful Teocalli Tamale.

      1. re: PollyG

        Great - thanks. I might have to try the Leb place next week! It's either there or the place you started this thread with.

      2. re: Dennis S

        We went to Mexican Garden, the place across Rt. 7, located on the back side of a plaza. You need to ask for the Bolivian menu. Our server was very friendly, and brought us huge mocochinci when I asked if they had them, which aren't on either menu. These were at least 16 oz glasses, maybe larger. My husband got a free refill, too.

        We had their soup of the day, a shrimp and rice dish from the Mexican lunch menu, and 2 saltenas. While the food was good, I'd give the edge to the saltenas from Betty's across the street. Both restaurants will get further exploration from our family in the future.

        1. re: PollyG

          Thanks for the info. I think the Leb place is my next destination in that area (based on your input), but these are probably #2 & 3 behind it.

      3. Finally made it to Betty's. Quick trip that has been postphoned for too long. Grabbed some saltenas to go. Man are they good! The rest of the menu looked good and I'll need to go back to check it out more.

        Still also need to make it across Rt 7 to Mexican Garden.