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Nov 5, 2010 09:53 AM

Philly BYOB for NYE...

Looking for a BYOB in Philly for NYE that's open late and doesn't change their menu to a special prix fix or something. I know NYE is amateur night at most places being the cooks and waiters don't really want to be there, so that's why I'm looking for something as close to a normal night of service as possible.

Any cuisine or price point is fine, it just has to be in the city so we're only a short cab ride from whatever we want to do afterwards.

I know most restaurants won't put out their NYE plans until after Thanksgiving, but if anyone has information based on previous experiences, that would be great...

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  1. Bibou is doing New Year's Eve -- it's a special menu but will be cooked by the chef, Pierre Calmels. We went last year and have our reservation in for this year. Another place we've enjoyed on NYE is La Famiglia -- we've had very nice dinners there for several years.

    La Famiglia
    751 Route 37 W, Toms River, NJ 08755

    1. Last year we went to Kanella, they did a prix fixe, but you had several choices for each of four courses. I thought it was pretty reflective of their regular menu (they didn't all of a sudden get much fancier just for one night or anything). It was $60/person last year.

      1. Two years ago we had a lovely dinner at Branzino and ordered from the regular menu.
        I seem to remember that we ate fairly early, and I don't know if they had the same menu available later in the evening - you would have to check with them.

        1. Bibou would be my first choice, otherwise Girogio on Pine may meet your needs, will likely be a special menu from the regular menu, but sure they would be willing to do whatever you wanted

          1. Just heard back from La Famiglia, and this is exactly what I want to avoid. At a place where 90% of the entrees are under $30, for NYE they have a $125pp prix fixe menu. I don't mind paying for great food, but to charge people over 2x what a normal dinner would cost just b/c its NYE is ridiculous.

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              I'm sure you're getting more than just an entree for $125, correct?

              1. re: Philly Ray

                Of course, but a normal 3 course meal would be under or about $50 on a normal night. Say they throw in another appetizer, that's still only $65-$70pp.

                I just don't like how some places try to take advantage of customers on NYE by charging a lot more than they normally would.

                1. re: Corporate_40

                  With all due respect to your objections. NYE is one of the highest volume, and most profitable nights for the restaurant industry. High volume means that they are better off restricting the selection so they can get multiple sittings in and out. I think you may be hard pressed in finding a restaurant that is keeping to its normal menu on NYE.

                  Personally, I find NYE, aldong with Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Easter and Thanksgiving a time to avoid restaurants. They will not be at their best, and it is highly unlikely it will be a pleasant experience.

                  Perhaps you would be well served to consider one of the restaurants in Chinatown. They may be less likely to do the prix fixe menus. Vietnam and Vietnam Palace would be two optons, along with Rangoon (Burmese) and Sakura (chinese and Japanese). Just a thought.

                  1. re: cwdonald

                    No, I understand exactly what you're saying. But I've been to plenty of restaurants, although in NYC, that just keep to their normal menu. Thus my questions as I know they exist, I just have to seek them out.

                    1. re: Corporate_40

                      Sounds as if you'll enjoy NYE festivities in the Big Apple and be disappointed with whatever you come up with here...

                      1. re: Seeker19104

                        No, Philly is the plan this year, so I'm still looking. I'll post whatever I come up with in case others are looking for the same thing.

                      2. re: Corporate_40

                        Corp40, Good question; I would like to know the Philly spots which might offer an option to the NYE overpricing syndrome. CW offers some good suggestions from our Asian expats. I have overpayed on special dates and have felt abused as much by the poor service and low quality of the food as by the uplifted prices. An extra charge for a special evening, or special food is fine but please show some restraint.

                        1. re: Bacchus101

                          Mr. Martino's Trattoria serves their regular menu, at their regular prices, on NYE.