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Nov 5, 2010 08:20 AM

all clad bakeware?

does anyone have thoughts on the all clad bakeware? I'd love to slowly upgrade the nonstick set i have and was thinking of the 9 by 13 baker and maybe a shallow baker sor use with savory dishes. Would it be any better than pyrex? or le creuset stoneware (which I'm generally happy with)

also how are shipping times from cookware n more. will i get in time for thanskgiving? how long do you all think the current sale will go.

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  1. Hi, I have three SS tri-ply AC bakeware, the shallow baker, a shallow round pizza dish, and a round baker. Love them all. Used for bread pudding, cakes, appetizers etc. I don't have any LC stoneware or pylex so I cannot make any comparison, but I am generally as happy with them as with my french porcelin bakeware, such as apilco and pillivuyt. No warping or rusting issue etc at all so far. I know for bakeware, especially cake pans , alminum is better material - in terms of heat conductivity - but you know, I want to mainly use the bakeware directly from oven to table for the brunches and dinners. I wanted to add something more sophisticated look. I can use their shallower ones as a serving trays and plates, too. I use non-scratching silicon/plastic knives and cake servers - don't want to scratch them inside. They are expensive, so I am very glad I got most of them off retail price at TJmaxx and Macy's. (Macy's has friends and family sale semiannually - for which everyone can download a coupon - 25% off, and they offer discount even for AC. I think they will have another one either at the end of this month or the beginning of next month. So, just check periodically their web if you are interested.) No experience with cookwarenmore so far for bakeware and during the holiday season, so you might want to ask them directly how long it takes to deliver. They have the bakeware on sale for quite bit of a time, as far as I know, but now they have now 20% off so it might be a right time to get them. Also, you can find them at ebay for good price sometimes although people tends to bid them up. Hope it helps.

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      I actually saw the shallow baker today at TJ Maxx. It was only $49.99 but they have only one and with minor scratch around the rim.

    2. I have the small baking sheet (10 X 14) and use it all the time. I use metal utensils. It's durable, does not rust, does not flake or peel like non-stick, and is dishwasher safe unlike aluminum. It's my go-to utility baking pan. Worth it IMO.

      1. Oops. I posted and hopefully erased it as I had misread Cookware n More as Cutlery and More. I've ordered from both. Cookware n More is an outlet. They do not always have everything in stock. A phone call before ordering is advised.