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Nov 5, 2010 08:04 AM

Where can I buy Lan Chi Chili Paste with garlic?

I love many hot sauces, but this one of my staples (along with Sriracha, Thai sweet chili sauce and regular chili sauce).

I used to buy this from the P Street Whole Foods (the only one in DC/Silver Spring that carried it), but with the recent renovations it's no longer available... and I haven't had much luck yet at the local Asian markets that I usually go to (7 Corners Eden Center). I'd love to buy it local rather than order it online. Any suggestions?

Here's a link to the product:


Eden Center
Falls Church, VA, USA, Falls Church, VA

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  1. ok, i've bought that. i'll tell you which places i shop, but i don't recall where in partioular i bought mine.

    first place i usually go is the grocery store in eden center.
    second, the grand mart at 7 corners has lots of pastes like this, and the korean market there at gallows and lee hwy (H mart?).
    bangok 54 market seems well-stocked, though i know i didn't buy mine there.

    here's a thread on ethnic markets in the d.c. area, fyi:.

    1. Lan Chi is a popular Taiwanese brand. It can be found in any Chinese (not Vietnamese or Korean) market in the area. Kam Sen and Maxim in Rockville has it, and I've seen it at Great Wall in Merrifield.

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        well, i got it at a korean or vietnamese market. they carry lots of pastes. (isn't grand mart korean?).

        1. re: alkapal

          Yes, Grand Mart is Korean. There is some crossover in products but if the OP is looking for a specific brand, the odds of finding it in a Chinese store is higher.

          Grand Mart
          6255 Little River Turnpike, Alexandria, VA 22312

          1. re: DCDeb

            in response to dpan, my point was that i got my jar of lan chi at one of those two non-chinese places. i actually haven't been to great wall in merrifield, which is probably the closest "chinese" store to me. (i should stay out of shops for a while, because i go condiment crazy).

            1. re: alkapal

              Thanks everyone for the info! (And the link to the ethnic markets map.) Can't wait to visit these other shops!