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Nov 5, 2010 06:23 AM

Brasserie 73 Experience

Had my 10th working anniversary dinner with my friend/boss last night. We went to Brassiere 73 in Skippack after taking suggestions from my Chowhound friends.

Positives -

[1] The food was excellent. We both had the spinach salad which was prepared with spring mix, spinach, dried cranberries, green apples and goat cheese - topped with a Cranberry vinegarette. I am typically not a salad before dinner person but there wasn't a scrap left on either or our plates. I ordered the Filet which was cooked perfectly. My friend had the Veal Medallions - again excellent. We shared the chocolate bread pudding for dessert. It was an excellent meal!

[2] We ordered a bottle of wine with dinner. There were two choices we were contemplating and our server was most helpful with our selection. We settled on a Tin Roof Sauvignon Blanc which was excellent for $36.

Negatives -

[1] I made a reservation 3 weeks ago and requested a table by the fireplace. Was so looking forward to this - last night was a PERFECT night for dining by the fireplace - cold and rainy. When we arrived, told the host that I had a reservation - totally not needed since we were the ONLY ones in the restaurant. When I requested we be seated near the fireplace, he said - "Oh the fireplace is broken, we haven't gotten it fixed." Might have been nice to mention to me when I made the reservation!

[2] Again, we were the only ones in the restaurant. This should mean that your service should be superior. After the initial wine pour and one after our server cleared our salads, we were left to pour the wine ourselves. The glasses should have been topped off when she served our entrees. Nope. Nothing again when she checked as we were eating. These are the little things at restuarants that bug the s^&t out of me! Made even more evident because NO ONE ELSE was there!

All in all - it was a great experience. And I thank all my Chowhound friends for their input!

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  1. IMO service in a restaurant is typically at its best when it is busy. I find that service is at its worst when the restaurant is empty as servers are more interested in chatting in the back than paying attention to their one table.

    That said it's a little scary that on a Thursday night that you were the only people in the restaurant. For me that's a very uncomfortable feeling.

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    1. re: mitchh

      Mitch, I'm curious. I was at the Roadhouse on Wednesday night (and the Brasserie was totally empty again). I had the same salad and was really turned off by all the large stems on the spinach. Did you have the same experience, or am I being too fussy?

      1. re: Jdbc

        JD, I'm assuming you meant to ask Beth that question as she was the one at Brasserie. I was merely commenting about her statement about bad service in an empty restaurant.

        Personally, when it comes to Skippack, I head to Parc Bistro. I've been going there for many years and have never had a bad meal. Come to think of it, I don't think I've even had a mediocre meal either. It's always very good.

        1. re: mitchh

          Sorry about that, it was misdirected. I'm always happy with Parc Bistro too.

        2. re: Jdbc

          I ate every speck of the salad so either the stems didn't bother me or they weren't an issue in my salad.