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Nov 5, 2010 06:11 AM

Something special close to Metropolis

I have some self-professed foodies coming to town this weekend looking for somewhere great to eat close to Metropolis (on St. Laurent and St. Catherine) for dinner. They want "something special", and they're willing to pay for it. I was thinking maybe O'Thym or Kitchenette, or even Club Chasse et Peche might be close enough. I wanted to see if anyone here might have ideas or input before I wrote to them though.Any thoughts? Thank you!!

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  1. don't know if it's even still open, but I've often wondered about the resto inside the Musée des arts contemporains. Anyone know anything?

    1. Where are your friends from?

      for vietnamese food, there is ong ca can that isn't too too far from there. their 7 course beef meal was quite good (granted last time i've been there, it has been over 2 years)

      1. Either brasserie T or F on the "place des spectacles" just on the other side of place des arts