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Nov 4, 2010 10:21 PM

El Limon - Conshy

Anyone tried this new tacqueria yet? I've been pretty excited by the concept, since I live mere blocks away and tiny Mexican places are heaven to me. I have off tomorrow afternoon and am in the mood to try out somewhere in the neighborhood that I haven't been to yet. (Lived here for a year, and have only been to maybe two or three places!)

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  1. Let me know how it is! I've driven past a few times (I work in the area) and I'm definitely intrigued - usually go to South Philly for my cheap taco fix but would love to have a good place closer by.

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      Ok, I had a late lunch here today. The place is small, with about half of the space devoted to being a mexican grocery. There about five tables, and about a half dozen stools. You can sit at the counter at the window or a counter by the open kitchen.

      Menu is relatively limited, tacos enchiladas burritos, sopas. They have two salads, and a couple of mexican tortas. For drinks, its american only, no jarritos or mexican coke, which surprised me. No evidence of horchata.

      Meats that were available were standard. Carne asada, chicken, carnitas and chorizo. No sign of lengua, cabeza. barbacoa or any other flavorful meats.

      For lunch I had four tacos. at $2.50 per taco, they are not cheap, relative to what I am used to paying even in bucks county. They were served in a traditional manner, double corn tortillas, with meat, onion and cilantro. Tortillas were warm but a bit greasy, both the meats were quite flavorful. They provided a red sauce and a tomatillo sauce along with the tacos.

      I hope they adjust their prices over time, but the flavor and the service was prompt and very friendly.

      The last part, which I would not emphasize because I am not sure how I feel about a place plying folks with free alcohol, is they did offer free drinks.. margaritas or sangria. Since it was lunch, I was not tempted, but thats not a bad enticement to try the place.

      1. re: cwdonald

        So I returned for lunch today. The place was very crowded, and service a bit slower than before. This time I had the chicken enchilladas with tomatillo sauce. It comes on a platter with rice and beans. Flavor of the chicken was good, and the corn torillas were fresh. It was smothered in the tomatillo sauce, with a dolop of sour cream on top. Unlike many other gringo mexican places it was not smothered in cheese but rather just had a sprinkle of cojito on top. Rice and beans were ordinary. Price of 8.95 was fair for three enchilladas and rice and beans. Was able to get a Jarritos this time. They don't have the full complement of flavors, but lime, gauva and mango only. Again only concern was the slow service at peak times. Recommended highly.

    2. My son and I went last night for an early dinner. I had three tacos - the carnitas, asada and pollo - and they were all delicious. My son had a chicken burrito, which was also really good. I didn't have a margarita, but I did have a Mexican coca cola (yum!). The owners were so nice to us. The place was empty when we were there, so I hope it does okay. We will definitely be back.

      1. went here one night after the bars in conshy and no one else was still serving food. i am glad i did, i had a pretty great chicken burrito - the only thing is its the knife and fork variety and they smother it in a pretty good sauce - its prob the same one they use on the enchiladas - it was tasty and worth the price (however i do not remember what that was). i'll be back for tacos as i work around the corner.