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Nov 4, 2010 10:20 PM

Best Catered / Pre-Made Thanksgiving Dinner?

Hey all, I am reaching out to the palettes of TC Chowhound in regards to finding the best thanksgiving pickup / catering option in the Twin Cities.

I know Kowalskis and Byerly's both do thanksgiving dinners. And while both look good, I figured who better than Chowhounders to know where to find the best pre-made / catered thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to all in advance and have a great day.

1601 County Road C W, Saint Paul, MN 55113

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  1. Brasa offers a Thanksgiving dinner for either 4 or 10 people. It looks fantastic, I think we're going to do it.

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    1. re: katebauer

      I noticed that too and it was the first thing that came to mind. You know the meat and sides will be great. And some of their regular sides are on this Thanksgiving menu.

      1. re: katebauer

        Brasa is fantastic. So, keep that in mind come November. :) As for today, go have a turkey sandwich at the State Fair.


      2. Birchwood is doing this too. Order by the 14th I think!

        Birchwood Cafe
        3311 E 25th St, Minneapolis, MN 55406

        1. Thank you both very much for those two previously unknown options. We've talked it over and it looks like we are going with Brasa this Thanksgiving. Both look great, mainly came down to location. Thanks again for your help Kate and stepaway.

          1. While it appears that the OP has made a decision on where to get a Thanksgiving dinner, I'd also throw out the option of Lucia's. I've never had their Thanksgiving dinner - cooking that day is one of my joys - but based on everything else that I eat there, I would expect it to be quite good.

            Lucia's Restaurant
            1432 W 31st St, Minneapolis, MN 55408

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            1. re: bob s

              Thank you very much for the recommendation Bob. Others should feel free to chime in with as much info as possible. This thread could go on to help others in my predicament. :-)

              1. re: NugarifiK

                just note that Brasa's turkey is me that gets in the way of the pure taste of a really excellent turkey like Wild Acres...

                1. re: faith

                  I completely overlooked the smoked aspect. My eyes went straight to "roasted free range turkey". We might have to rethink the Brasa thing. Thanks faith.

                  1. re: NugarifiK

                    I don't have the menu in front of me but doesn't it say, "lightly smoked" or something like that? If that makes any difference. (Still, may not be traditional.)

                    1. re: NugarifiK

                      I was going to recommend Lucia's too but just looked carefully at that one and I see they get the bird all ready for YOU to cook...and give you directions on how to roast it..
                      They do have ready-made side dishes too including desserts, not cheap but the quality would be excellent I'm's all on her website under 'seasonal'..

              2. I've tried Byerly's. It was quite a disappointment.