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Nov 4, 2010 09:23 PM

What to do with ground nuts mixed with honey?

My husband and I were clearing out the pantry, when we came across a large container of mixed nuts that had been sitting unused for around 6 months, yet had not gone rancid.

We decided to blast it in the food processor. And then we added honey.

We now have a lot of thick and chewy nutty honey goo. Any ideas on what to do with it? We've already tried a pseudo baklava.

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  1. Yogurt/oatmeal mix-in?

    1. Make honey brittle.

      Add some water and sugar to your nut and honey mixture, combine, and bring to a boil until the temp reaches 300 F (use candy thermometer). Then pour the mixture onto parchment paper and let cool. Then break apart and enjoy just like peanut butter brittle.

      1. Peanut butter and bacon go with just about anything - I think honey and nuts would be a natural with either/or/both. Also chocolate would work as well. What about Brie with nice crisp slices of apples along with honey and nuts? Greek yogurt and labne scream for honey and nuts as well. Just a touch of rose water added to the honey /nut mixture would put you in the Middle East.

        1. use them as the base of a sticky roll filling

          1. Rereading this, now I'm curious why the OP decided to grind the nuts and mix them with honey ...

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              ... because we had to do *something* with them otherwise they would've gone rancid, and frankly I was surprised they hadn't already.

              I suspect the reason we hadn't eaten them before then was because it contained brazil nuts.