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where can I get smoked beef short ribs?

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I have been dreaming about smoked short ribs since the first and only time I tried them at a place in Riverside, CA called Raxx. It seems almost impossible to find. There are many places that serve smoked beef ribs and there are many places that serve short ribs but are not smoked.

I am looking specifically for SMOKED SHORT RIBS...not a rack of beef ribs, not baked, braised, broiled, or what ever BS way people make short ribs.

there just has to be another place out here in Cali. I don't think can afford a trip to Kansas just for ribs hahaha

the picture is from a place in NY i know called daisy may's. this is what it should look like

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  1. the park's finest smokes short ribs, but they only do catering. =(

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      i know there has to be a restaurant some where out in the LA area im willing to drive farther too

    2. Rest assured, I will be following this thread very carefully. I've been looking for these around here, and I've had no luck. I think I'm going to try to smoke some at home.

      1. I found through the internet a place called beachwoodBBQ whose menu says it has smoked short ribs. the webstie is http://www.beachwoodbbq.com/

        any one ever try these. are they any good?

        i tend to stay away from trendy fancy looking places and look for BBQ at redneck country looking places...mmmmmm

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          I've been to Beachwood. But did not have the short ribs, only the baby backs-decent more along the lines of Wood Ranch, than real BBQ.

          This is a neighborhood/trendy type place., not a redneck place.

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            Beechwood BBQ is known as beercentric place but the food does not fall by the waist side.
            If you sit at the bar you will most likely rub elbows with someone who is as passionate about obtaining a hard to find beer as you are at finding your short ribs.

            I suggest you call them and explain exactly the style of short ribs your looking for.

            As RC described it is not smoked pit hole in the wall. I would not say it is fancy either a neighborhood joint is a good description.

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                As far as LA area beercentric bars go they are regarded as one of the best.

                On any given week it can go from good to great to excellent to I can't believe they have that on tap.

                You can always check what's pouring on their webcam.

                Looking at the latest webcam shot the Black Flag is a pretty notable brew for being on tap if your a hop head.

                Your not gonna find that at the Yard house...

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              yeah i can tell what kind of place it is and the look of it makes me skeptical...I'll try them out but my search continues

          2. Not a short rib, but a beef rib that comes close in many ways to being a short rib (see picture). Don't know if they still have them but Big Mista's makes them. $4-$5 each.

            1. For to go, believe it or not, Whole Foods in Torrance/RB does them in-house.

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                If you call ahead most wholefoods will smoke any cut of meat you want. This seems like a good start. Wholefoods is from Texas so this does make sense. Good luck!

              2. Tulsa Rib Company in Orange has a Boneless Beef Short Rib on its menu http://www.tulsarib.com/dinner.html . I have read good comments about Tulsa Rib Company on Chowhound but I'm not sure that Tulsa Rib slow smokes their BBQ.

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                    But Tulsa Rib isn't trying to pass itself off as a BBQ restaurant. Though they do say their "smoke" their baby backs in hickory chips.

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                      "Our Story…
                      Realizing there was a void in the restaurant scene for high quality barbecue, THE TULSA RIB COMPANY was opened in January, 1981."


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                    I still really like Tulsa at times (but it is a guilty pleasure), and yes seems to be par-boiled, nary a smoker in sight.

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                      Beachwood has a nice beer selection, but I went with a few people, and not one entree or side was above average. I would not go there for the food.

                      Beechwood Restaurant
                      822 Washington Blvd, Venice, CA 90292

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                        MaryT, you're talking about the wrong restaurant. They are talking about the beer selection at Beachwood BBQ in Seal Beach,

                        Beachwood BBQ
                        131 1/2 Main St, Seal Beach, CA 90740

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                          lets not get off topic now on this thread....

                          I and a few others here are looking for "smoked short ribs" please talk about beer somewhere else.

                          NOW....where the heck are these ribs at???

                    2. the best smoked ribs are available at kansas city bbq company in north hollywood ca

                      burned ends
                      smoked ribs

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                        Place Link for KC BBQ Company - but (unfortunately) it does NOT have smoked SHORT ribs as the OP had requested.

                        Kansas City BBQ
                        10863 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

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                          Their burnt ends are too much like pulled/chopped brisket. Burnt ends should be cut into cubes, not pulled or shredded and should contact "burnt ends" not regular brisket.

                          Still looking for good burnt ends in LA.