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Nov 4, 2010 09:11 PM

Yearning for English 'bone-in' ham

Years ago, whilst living in the UK, I have grown to love their 'corn meal coated bone-in' hams Specifically, the York or the Shropshire Gold. Moist, mild & sweet and chewy, they are great eaten alone or for making sandwiches. The latter with some hot English mustard and sandwich spread! So yummy! In London, where I worked, deli/sandwich stores usually have them on a rack, to be carved by hand when ordered. Great luncheon sandwiches!
Any fellow chowhounders happen to come across this delicacy in Toronto?! ( Love to buy the real thing but I'm willing to settle for a Canadian clone! ). I have tried looking for them in St. Lawrence market, but in vain! May be some 'Artisan' butcher in the Niagara area or elsewhere make them??!! Anyone has any idea or information??!! I'm even willing to drive to Buffalo for some!!
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Good luck. Your only hope is to find a British/Scottish butcher who actually produces their own hams. The cure they use is very different from the usual. Dear old Marks and Spencer sold this type of ham out of their stores here.

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      Yeah! Sure miss the old Marks and Sparks!!

    2. Don't know how english it is but oddly enough Loblaws at Victoria Park (on relatively rare occasions) does sell bone-in ham. I suspect it isn't as artisan as what you were enjoying but still way better than the spiral cut or basic hams that people keep selling.

      Good luck in the quest, finding it this time of year is hard! Try calling a smaller butcher (maybe Oliffes? or Whitehouse?) and see if you can order one.

      Victoria Park Restaurant
      335 Durham Market St N, Kincardine, ON N2Z1Z4, CA

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          Generally they are. Most folks trying to recreate that feeling will then either simmer, smoke or roast the ham with their particular blend of spices and coatings to recreate their UK experiences. I use the Loblaws generic ones from time to time. With cloves stubbed in, as well as a peameal and mustard crust, it comes fairly close to the one I had at a small country house hotel in Wales on Sunday lunches where I did a degree.

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            Snarf, my thank you note to you with a couple of Welsh words added were deleted by the moderator for no apparent reason. So, I'm trying again and let you know I'll try out your recipe once I get hold of one from Loblaws! Diolch!

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          They sell uncooked bone-in ham at Fresh from the Farm, and I have to say it is the best ham I have ever eaten. An uncooked ham allows so much more flexibility in the final product, in my opinion.

          1. re: Full tummy

            Good to know! I have been wanting to do a true uncooked ham in Coca Cola...

            BTW I talked to my regular butcher at Close to the Bone. They too get in hams but only around the holiday seasons so there may be some good ham to be found soon!

            1. re: Otonabee

              Oh, yum. I usually get a ham at Easter, so will have to see what they have then. They are pretty close to me, as well.