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Nov 4, 2010 08:33 PM

How long will this sauce last unrefrigerated?

It says to refrigerate ketchup after opening. If I mix ketchup into a water, honey, and oil sauce, chicken stock cubes, do I have to refrigerate the sauce? Can I ziploc/vacuum bag it and will it keep for a couple of days?

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  1. ketchup is shelf-stable for at least a month even when opened. the combination of the acid in the ketchup, the antibacterial properties of the honey, and the astronomical salt level in the broth cubes should certainly prevent it from spoiling for a couple of days as long as you don't subject it to high heat or prolonged direct sunlight. i'm curious, why won't you be able to refrigerate it?

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      Yeah I've left ketchup out plenty of times and it's never gone bad on me - the additions you mentioned - honey, oil, and the salt from the chicken cubes should further prevent it from going bad. It will easily last a few days, if not a few weeks.

    2. Depends on how much water you add to the sauce. High concentrations of sugar and salt combined with low pH (acid conditions) will prevent the growth of bacteria. If you dilute out the sugar/salt/acid, you may end up with conditions that actually promote bacterial growth. There's no way to predict the shelf-life of your sauce. Vacuum bagging is not a substitute for canning/preserving and may promote growth of anaerobes (like c. botulinum)-- if you want to keep your sauce at room temp, you can consider pressure canning it to preserve it.