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Nov 4, 2010 06:46 PM

Anyone Tried Lakeside Grill at Wynn yet?

Looks like Lakeside Grill is up and running at the Wynn. Anyone been yet? I'm heading to the Wynn this weekend and noticed the menu is posted. Looks like there are some good offerings, maybe I can squeeze in a bite there before our Sunday night show.

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  1. I'm curious to hear as well.. I'll be there in a few weeks to try it.. I wish they were opened for lunch I think that would work well for them..

    1. Haven't been myself, but I read someone else's trip report who visited right after it opened who hated the pasta dish he ordered, but tried and really liked the entrees that other people in his party ordered (wasn't specific about what those were).

      1. Curious to see if you get any responses. I have a reservation at Lakeside Grill for our next trip but that's not until the week after Thanksgiving. Will try to report back. I was a fan of DB so I know I will like the space. The food, we'll see.

        1. Well -- I just got back from my trip, and we hit the Lakeside Grill after the Garth Brooks show (which is Amazing -- tied for best show I've seen), we were late getting there since the show ran later than expected, but they were very gracious and sat us at 10:25, even though they closed at 10:30. We enjoyed the food very much. The bread basket was filled with a wonderful fig & raisin bread, I had the white pizza and my husband had the 2 1/2 pound baked stuff lobster, with a side of whipped potatotes. The lobster was cooked perfectly -- my husband commented on the texture being the best he's ever had. My pizza was very good as well. The potatoes were very rich and velvelty, more of a puree than mashed potato texture. All very good!

          1. Bit belated, but.... I wouldnt do it. Its not *bad*, but... it just isnt special. Chilled seafood that was nice (lobster slightly overcooked), but not special - cocktail sauce, mignonette, period. Cold breadsticks, sort of an "everything" type, one raisin-esque, and a hard black and white twisted on, butter. Meh. Crabcakes were quite tasty, though! And I dont much like crab cake generally, either, so thats a very good review. Entree of lamb came out severely incorrect (extra extra well done instead of the MR requested) but was corrected to a delicious, perfect temp and the apologies were profuse. Mistakes happen, so no hard feelings, and the dish was good. The pork ribs, however, didn't fare as well. If I'm paying 30+ bucks for pork ribs with a dab of papaya salad (aforementioned papaya/herb salad was inedible, by the by), they better be amazing. Instead, they were difficult to scrape/cut off the bone, a far cry from the yummy, fall-off-the bone deliciousness you would expect, and the sauce was far too sweet and commercial tasting for my taste. Big disappointment. A la carte sides were ok, but again, nothing special. Dessert was nicer, with an incredibly wide and playful selection including full plated desserts like french toast bread pudding nuggets with creme anglaise that my normally classy friend wanted to tuck into her purse and ferret away for breakfast to a lemon merengue that change my mind about lemon merengues to pop rocks covered chocolate bites that were, as several of us excitedly exclaimed in unison, a "party in my mouth!!". Yeah, that's how we are.

            One aside - the decor is strange. Everything is done in whites and oranges with twisted wood accents (think beach strewn with driftwood) but it doesnt seem to make sense given the hotel and menu. Lakeside Grill, done upscale., is a good concept - but sea bass, meatballs, short ribs, pasta.... where is the cohesiveness? Give us beach food done amazingly! Give us seafood hotdogs in brioche buns with killer relishes, how about a high end clambake or roasted actual lake fish instead of freakin SEA bass? I dont know....

            Overall - there's just too many places in Vegas that do it right to waste your evening on a place that just.... doesnt.

            Also - we miss DB Brasserie!

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              I miss DB Brasserie too!

              I was trying to find a place to watch Sunday Night football and have a nice dinner.
              I was headed to Stratta...where there was a large group @ the bar with children in strollers.
              I didnt think after a long day I had the patience.

              I wandered down to the Lakeside Grill . I was pleasantly suprised. The restaurant was beautiful and accomodating. I was dining solo and was able to find a seat at the bar in what was an extremely busy restaurant.

              The menu was very interesting....It seem to be comprised of Clean , fresh, and organic offerings. I like the fact they offer a separate Vegetarian and Vegan section.

              While reading the menu the waiter brought over a beautiful bread basket that was almost too pretty to eat. I loved the braided breadstick!

              I started w/ the Iberrico Ham which came w/ a fig spread, crusty bread and a spicy arugula shaved apple salad. The portion was quite large and would be great to share w/ one of the other starters.

              I ordered the Butternut Squash Agnolotti from the Vegetarian Menu. It was a perfect sized portion. The pasta was homemade, stuffed w/ a wonderful squash filling. It wasnt too sweet and quite in balance w/ the light broth diced squash, pinenut sauce.

              I like how the Restaurant has changed the layout from DB Brasserie and oped up the Bar area. It feels much more festive. I also love the new large TV. I dine solo most of the time and enjoy catching a game along w/ a great meal.