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Nov 4, 2010 05:02 PM

Indoor Venting of Electric Wall Oven

We just had installed a Kitchenaid double electric wall oven and are shocked that the oven vents into the room (our old wall oven had a vent to the outside, so the vent conduit is still there). I called Kitchenaid and they said the ovens all vent inside. Did a little on line reseach and inside-venting seems to be the standard for electric wall ovens.

What are we missing here? The oven is blowing hot air into the kitchen -- nice in the winter but not in the summer. Plus, what about those times we are broiling, etc. and smoke pours out? We had enough instances of pulling the battery from the smoke alarm even with our outside vent.

I was so excited to finally replace the 30-year old ovens, but now am bummed. Please tell us it won't be as bad to operate in the summer/broiling, as it seems to us now.

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  1. Do take the time to do some searches over at GardenWeb -- yes, they all vent indoors, and yes, nobody likes it.

    1. As someone with double electric wall ovens in Florida I can assure you they do have indoor venting and yes it's hell in the summer when the AC can barely keep the house below 80.

      1. Smoke? I was being told that there's a charcoal filter inside the oven that's supposed to filter out smoke and smell. It will not work well if things are burning inside (like going through a self-clean cycle), but it is definitely good enough for baking and broiling.

        As for heat... I wouldn't say my oven blows out "hot" air. It's more or less the same as what comes out from my house heating vent, maybe just a bit warmer?? I don't know, it has never bothered me. I actually quite enjoy standing in front of the oven.

        Though mine's not a KitchenAid. Maybe you have an option to get a charcoal filter installed?

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I'm glad I saw this thread. I have a 30 year old Thermador double electric wall oven which I'm looking to replace. This unit vents outside. I had a mishap with this oven a year ago when I accidentally placed a rubber lined steel bowl inside the oven, turned the oven on, and walked away. The thermostat did not trip and the oven was ruined. Toxic black smoke poured out of the outside vent for at least an hour as the oven cooled. I can't imagine what could have happened had this oven been vented indoors.