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Nov 4, 2010 04:24 PM

Madrid in December 2010

Meeting family in Madrid and would like to take them out to a week before Xmas dinner to someplace that we've never been.

Considering La Cuchara de Tepa restaurant in the Las Letras district. Has anyone dined there recently and how was the food, service, atmosphere?

Thank you in advace.

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  1. Try "La Terraza del Casino", if you have not been there. I ate there this June while visiting Madrid. It's one of the very best (among Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy) I have eaten. It's not cheap but worth every penny.

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    1. re: eatse

      This might show up twice as for some reason my other post didn't come up..

      Thank you for your suggestion but we've already been to LTdC more than once.

      And I agree it is very good but we wanted to try something new.

    2. Are you referring to La Cuchara de Tepa, the restaurant that is to be launched (along with another Estado Puro by Paco Roncero) in the yet-to-be-opened 5-star NH Palacio de Tepa, across from the Hotel Me Reina Victoria?

      I passed by a couple of weeks ago, and it wasn't finished yet, but perhaps it's open now (?)

      The NH web site doesn't give an inauguration date.

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      1. re: Maribel

        Thanks for this info.

        From what I understood it was already opened.

        Will do further inquiries.


      2. If you're looking for something new-ish, high end, gastronomic, with a fabulous wine list, and you don't mind traveling up to the northern business district (metro: Cuzco) try one that's getting great reviews from the local gourmet critics-


        At Calle Rosario Pino, 12 (across from the Hotel Meliá Castilla


        The folks behind this one come from Zalacaín and Goizeko Wellington, so you can imagine the quality...

        It's one of the few "top tables" open on Sunday nights.

        If you want something more casual and have a desire to try one of the new gastro-tascas or gastro-bars (=top chefs open a tapas format restaurant with creative dishes, attentive but informal service in a more casual setting with affordable prices)

        I can highly recommend...

        Taberna Arzábal

        At Doctor Castelo, 2 -just east of Retiro Park (metro: O'Donnell
        )Phone-915 572 691

        It has a great buzz, especially at night, with sit-down dining, nice bread basket, really delicious tapas/ small plates, well-chosen wine list, reasonable prices for this upscale neighborhood, and therefore, it's become extremely popular.
        Was called one of the most exciting dining openings of 09.

        Now it 's opened a much more comfortable and larger annex at the corner of Dr. Castelo and Menédez Pelayo (13), facing Retiro Park.

        We just tried its brand new space, and it did impress. But you need to reserve at least 5 days in advance.

        Another neo-tasca that just opened this past week....

        La Cesta de Recoletos
        Recoletos, 10 (Salamanca district)

        This is a creation of the chef, the maitre and the sommelier of two Michelin starred Santceloni with interior design by Pascua Ortega.
        Also getting lots of initial good press, so it's sure to be busy. Moderate prices. Haven't tried it.

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        1. re: Maribel

          Muchisimas gracias, Maribel.

          We actually stay in the Salamanca section and will look into your suggestions.